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Do you know that having an intriguing Biography is basically the striking step to having your profile obvious to the complete world?

The primary reason of a great life story online is to have a set up tone of voice which is vital for an effective career. An indispensably portion of a history is to paint a picture of who you’re and what you do.

It also gives you the opportunity to tell your backstory, your victory story and all your accomplishments. Having a profile online is basically a way to let your genuine devotees know a few subtle elements about you.

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Are you an Entrepreneur and you want your biography and profile noticed online?

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Biography Submission Guidelines

All articles contributed must meet the very high standard of Biopreneur Nigeria. The term “quality” does not apply only to the text that forms an article but also to every subject in the article itself. If you make a submission, you are agreeing that:

- You will make factually accurate content.
- Your autobiography can be edited.
- It will at a sufficient level of detail, convey the fundamental aspects of the subject covered.
- Your content will be informative and not for promotional purposes.
- It is important to note that the person who submits an autobiography confirms that the article does not infringe on anyone’s copyright.

Only after a clear review will any submission be identified for possible inclusion on Biopreneur Nigeria. Following such identification, an article will typically be fact-checked by a research editor, edited, and reviewed by a content editor. The Autobiography will then be published.

The aim of this process is to ensure the publication of an article keeps the uniqueness and quality of Biopreneur Nigeria. Our reputation and goal are to be the most informative and knowledgeable platform. This process can demand as much involvement by the article’s author as by the editors overseeing its publication.


1. Title: the personal name by which the subject is best known
2. Alternate title(s): any other names by which the subject is known
3. Birth information: the date and location, identified as precisely as possible, of the subject’s birth.
4. First sentence: a brief-phrase identifying the person’s (i) nationality, (ii) occupation, and (iii) significance, stated succinctly
5. Description of significant events and accomplishments in a subject’s life, presented in chronological order

6. Attach quality and clear images showing the person’s face maximum of three).

7. An article should clearly and fully explain each significant viewpoint in neutral or nonprejudicial language, and no false information should be added to juice an article.

8. If you have any other information to share with us aside from submitting biographies, kindly send an email to our research team at [email protected] or visit our contact page.

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