1. Philip Abayomi Vincent

Philip Abayomi Vincent

VINCENT PHILIP ABAYOMI is an Undergraduate Biomedical Laboratory Science Student in the University of Ibadan.

He is a Digital Marketer, Professional writer and Blogger with experience in the News and entertainment niche. Exceptional at creating fresh, original content for blogs, websites, and print publications. He is experienced with Social Media creation, Management and Research.

Philip Abayomi is the Founder, Biopreneur Nigeria, CEO/MD at Campus Verve NG, Principal Content Writer and Head of Publicity Department, the New Man Movement, Adjunct Lecturer for the NELOC Media Academy, and current Public Relations Officer, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences Students Association, BAMSSA, University of Ibadan.

He has taught hundreds of young minds the art and skill of Digital Marketing, Public Relations Strategies and Blogging over the past few years.

2. Olamide Busari.

Olamide Busari

OLAMIDE BUSARI is a Public Relations and Marketing Student in the Department of Communications and Language Arts, University of Ibadan.

She is the co-founder, Biopreneur Nigeria, a digital marketer at GEtMedia company and content writer at Campus Verve.

Olamide is a Dean at Casor Business College where she is intrigued about young people being financial literate. She's passionate about volunteering, Media, tangible relationships and good lifestyle.

3. Morayo Adeniyi

Morayo Adeniyi

Morayo Adeniyi is a Communication and Language Arts Student in the University of Ibadan.

She is a Content writer and Blogger. She ghost writes emails, website posts and social media contents.

Morayo Adeniyi is also an On-Air personel at Wisdom Gate Communications.

4. Sarah Olaniyi

Sarah Olaniyi

Sarah Olaniyi is an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ibadan. 

She once served as the Entertainment Editor for BIC PRESS, University of Ibadan.

She is a content writer, blogger, wellness and personal development enthusiast with fierce interest in volunteering.