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Flyer Distribution Services

Biopreneur Nigeria

Biopreneur Nigeria is the No 1 Flyer and Leaflet Distribution Company in Ibadan, Nigeria. We help brands and companies tell their story through effective flyers sharing and leaflets distribution.

We are a marketing company who specializes in the professional distribution of flyers, and we are equipped to distribute everywhere in Ibadan, Oyo State, we ensure that your flyers get to your targeted audience.

We are proud to say we are a one-stop shop for flyer production and distribution.

Types of distribution that are available.

  • Handbill Door to Door Distribution
  • Landed Door to Door Distribution
  • Condo Distribution
  • Commercial Letterbox Distribution
  • Car Drop
  • Walkway Handouts
  • Letter Shopping
  • Mail Merge / Mail Sorting Services
  • Roller skaters distribution services

  • Pictures of our team in action:
    Flyer Distribution in Ibadan

    Flyer Distribution company Ibadan

    Flyer Distribution company Ibadan

    Flyer Distribution company Ibadan

    Methods of Distribution

    We have two (2) methods of fliers distribution which includes

    I. Basic distribution method:

    In this method of distribution, our brand ambassadors distribute the fliers in different locations such as offices, recreational centres, shops and share them at any busy are etc.

    II. Direct distribution method:

    In this method, our brand ambassadors take lectures from our clients about their brand and we do more of talking while sharing the fliers just to convince the targeted audience.
    We also distribute in other states in Nigeria like Oyo, Ondo, Lagos, Ogun to mention a few. Let us help take your brand out to all the nook and cranny of the country.

    Contact Info

    Head Office

  • Address: No. 16 Ajetumobi layout, Agbowo, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
  • Tel: +2347037548065
  • Email: [email protected]

  • Flyer Distribution Pricing

    Flyer Distribution — ₦18 per leaflet (Small-Medium reach)

    Highly-targeted flyer distribution at chosen target locations.

  • Scope of work plan
  • Five-man team
  • At least 2-5% Response Rate
  • Permits
  • Daily Reports
  • GPS tracked
  • Additional Instagram/Twitter Marketing
  • MOQ: 1500 Leaflets Daily
  • Option to Watch Live Stream

  • Flyer Distribution — ₦16 per leaflet (Larger reach)

    Highly-targeted flyer distribution at chosen target locations. Distribute up to 10,000 flyers for very broad reach ‘Above The Line' Marketing

  • We provide a Team of up to 20 distributors.
  • Scope of work plan
  • ≈ 1% Response Rate
  • GPS Tracked
  • Permits
  • Daily Reports
  • Online Distribution & Twitter Trend
  • MOQ: 10,000 Leaflets in 72hrs
  • Option to Watch Live Stream

  • Auto Ads — ₦150 per Ad

    Stickers on Buses & "Keke" NAPEPs

  • Runs In Every Nook & Corner
  • GPS Tracked
  • Permits
  • Daily Reports
  • Online Distribution & Twitter Trend
  • Minimum 100
  • Option to Watch Live Stream
  • In-Person Branding Strategy
  • Target Prominent Cities

  • Ransack Campus — ₦ 4 million

    Highly-targeted full-service campus marketing for 10 Days; driving awareness among the youth in major Nigerian Universities. Brand activation activities for signing up a minimum of 1000 students at the busiest hangout spots, hostels, faculties, lecture theaters, religion centers at any campus of your choosing.

    We will immerse your brand in entertainment, music and youth culture, creating stategic & tactical experience led campaigns to excite, shape opinion, boost penetration & promote sales.

  • At least 5-10% Response RateStrategy & Scope Document.
  • Human LED BillBoards
  • GPS Tracked
  • Campus Authority Permits
  • Daily Reports
  • Online Distribution, Twitter Trend & Instagram Marketing
  • Design, Print & Share Flyers
  • Option to Watch Live Stream
  • Design, Print & Paste Stickers
  • DJ Roadshow Music & Dancers
  • In-Person Marketing Strategy

  • Leaflets/Flyers Distribution FAQs

    The cost of flyer distribution service in Nigeria varies depending on several factors like the number of location and state you choose to distribute your flyers and promotional materials if you require extra distributors to execute the campaign e.t.c. However, our basic cost for distribution is NGN18, 000 per 1000 flyers when we don’t offer discounts.

    Biopreneur Nigeria team of professional distributors can get your flyers/ Leaflets and promotional items distributed in Ibadan, Lagos and Akure. For further enquires on our Flyer distribution services please contact Biopreneur Nigeria on +2347037548065 or send us a mail at [email protected]/p>

    Yes, OF course, flyer distribution is one of the most effective means of reaching out to a mass audience. However we do not guarantee 100% results with flyer distribution services, the results on distribution vary depending on some factors such as you offer, the location of distribution, the content of promotional material or even the product and services being promoted.

    We do not associate our brand with a distribution of items that promotes illegal, fraudulent and offensive contents and Brands.

    Each distributor on our team of professionals can effectively distribute between 100 – 500 flyers daily. The total number of flyers to be distributed per day depends on factors such as Traffic flow if it’s a road distribution, Location where the flyers are being distributed, the weather condition, the number of distribution team and other possible factors.

    Sure you do, just give us a brief on where you want your materials distributed and we will have your materials distributed there effectively and professionally. As long as it isn’t an environment with restriction we can also guide you on selecting the right location for your distribution at no extra cost.

    We offer top-notch printing services for our clients, we can print on any surface and promotional items as we also deliver timely. Our costs of printing are affordable and the best you can get. For further enquiries please contact Biopreneur Nigeria on +2347037548065 or send us a mail at [email protected]

    All payments must be made in full before commencement of distribution. In the case when it’s a long term campaign at least 70% payment will be made before distribution and 30% balance to be paid according to the terms of the contract agreement.

    Yes, our policy states that cancellation of services must be requested 5days before your distribution campaign date. Also, a campaign that already began cannot be cancelled it can only be reviewed. In the case where a client terminates our distribution services at almost the commencement of the campaign, a cancellation fee will be charged.