Laylah Ali Othman Biography

Laylah Ali Othman

Born January 29, 1986, Laylah Ali Othman is a Nigerian interior designer, writer, and reality TV presenter as well as businesswoman, who is popularly known for selling home furniture such as chairs and beds. She is also CEO of a publishing company called L magazine, and it presents a program called Voices of the Youth.

Early life and education

Laylah was born in Yobe State, Nigeria, but she grew up in Kaduna, where she studied her basic education, nursery, and primary school in Kaduna state, and she did junior high school & Senior in Damaturu. She is currently the CEO and managing director of Superb Brand, namely & N (Laylah & Nahaar) Interiors and Exterior Décor Nig.

She has a degree in BA English from the University of Maiduguri, a Diploma in interior decoration from Lotus Educational Institute, Dubai, and another diploma in space management from Maren School of Interior Décor and Design, in addition, she had another 2nd degree from ESCAE-University, Benin republic.

Laylah Interior Design

Laylah’s journey into interior design and decoration commenced with a diploma from the Lotus Educational Institute in Dubai. She specializes in interior decoration. This dynamic entrepreneur has been active in her various roles since 2010. She leaves a lasting impact on the world of design and media.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognitions.

Laylah’s notable achievements and awards over the years are a testament to her excellence:

In 2015, Laylah received the Award of Honor from the Eastern Mediterranean University during Nigerian Week.

The year 2018 brought multiple honors, including the Award of Excellence from Gamji Students, the Department of Public Admin in the Faculty of Admin at ABU, and the West African Students.

She also earned Certificates of Appreciation from Startup Sokoto and participated in Startup Kano.

2019 marked a year of recognition, with the Meritorious Award of Honor from Nigerian Youth Progress in Democracy, a Certificate of Honor from the Democratic Youth Assembly of Nigeria, and an Award of Honor from the National Association of Nigerian Students (Zone A).

Laylah Ali Othman contributions earned her the Life Time Award of Credence from the Youth Assembly of Nigeria, the Northern Philanthropic Award of Excellence from Save Democracy Group, Africa, and the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from PR Times Africa.

In 2020, Laylah continued to excel, receiving the Award of Honor from the National Association of Northern Corpers.

Laylah Ali Othman’s expertise extends far beyond interior design, as she has successfully completed over 6000 projects in the building industry in the last decade.

Additionally, Laylah Ali Othman wears many hats, including that of a philanthropist with a functioning NGO, a TV presenter and host, and an editor, among other roles. Her multifaceted career showcases her dedication and passion for various endeavors.

Laylah Ali Othman Legacy

Laylah Ali Othman

The 38-year-old Laylah Ali Othman’s journey is a tapestry of remarkable accomplishments and contributions from diverse angles:

Philanthropy: Beyond her professional achievements, Laylah Ali Othman is a philanthropist with a heart for giving back. She actively manages a functional NGO, dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Her commitment to social responsibility is commendable and enriches her multifaceted identity.

Editorial Pursuits: Laylah Ali Othman’s editorial prowess further exemplifies her multifaceted talents. Serving as an editor, she plays a vital role in shaping content and disseminating knowledge through her publishing company, L Magazine. Her editorial contributions showcase her dedication to quality storytelling and information sharing.

Versatility: Laylah Ali Othman's versatility is a cornerstone of her success. She seamlessly transitions between her roles as an interior designer, philanthropist, TV presenter, editor, and more. Her ability to excel in various domains underscores her adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Net Worth

Laylah Ali Othman’s net worth is a private matter and is not publicly disclosed. Like many individuals, especially those who are not high-profile celebrities or public figures, Laylah chooses to keep her financial details confidential.

Laylah Ali Othman Marriage

Laylah Ali Othman is married to her husband, Hon Yusuf Adamu Gagdi. The wedding ceremony showcased various Arewa traditions, surprising many gossipers and Arewa enthusiasts. Their home is blessed with children also.

Laylah Ali Othman husband

Laylah Ali Othman's husband is Nigerian politician Yusuf Adamu Gagdi who was born on November 5, 1980. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi hails from Plateau State, Nigeria. He currently serves as a member of the Nigeria Federal House of Representatives representing the Pankshin/Kanam/Kanke federal constituency of Plateau State in the 9th National Assembly, a position he secured in 2019.