Victor Ehindero Biography

Victor Ehindero is a visionary entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the CEO of Nigeria's leading Online WhatsApp community, PotTV, which currently connects with more than 500,000 youths in Nigeria alone, and others over the world. He also doubles up as a Legal Practitioner.

He is making waves in Nigeria's business landscape with his innovative approach to marketing, especially using WhatsApp. With his brand PotTV, he is revolutionizing the way businesses engage with customers and achieve remarkable results through the popular messaging platform called WhatsApp.

Victor had his elementary school education at the Staff School, University of Ibadan and secondary school education at Oritamefa Baptist Model School, both in Ibadan. He later proceeded to the University of Ibadan where he bagged a first degree in Law (LLB).

For over 7 years, POTTV has helped brands and businesses hit their branding and financial goals.

On August 27 2016, PotTV was born. The venture started as a small-scale experiment, offering customized marketing solutions to local businesses. However, with a commitment to excellence and a community-centric approach, the brand quickly gained traction and expanded its reach across the nation.

Ehindero's journey began several years ago when he recognized the untapped potential of WhatsApp as a marketing tool in Nigeria/Africa. Leveraging his expertise in digital marketing and his passion for helping businesses succeed, he embarked on a mission to build the biggest WhatsApp marketing brand that exists.

His team employs a data-driven approach, analyzing user preferences and leveraging the vast capabilities of WhatsApp to deliver highly targeted and engaging marketing campaigns. 

PotTV currently connects with more than 500,000 youths in Nigeria alone, Ghana and environs, using WhatsApp Status & other channels to cement communication, managing a network of accounts across WhatsApp. This is, of course, excluding people that turn off read receipts, who when they view one’s status, one can’t know. It is interesting and important to note that, PotTV started this new generation of WhatsApp Influencers, as the innovation was widely adopted by several brands and PR businesses. Hardly can you go through your contacts’ status list without seeing a meme with the signature PotTV watermark.

Ehindero's 16 man team of skilled professionals meticulously crafts compelling marketing strategies tailored to each client's unique objectives and target audience. They leverage WhatsApp's features, including multimedia messaging, chatbots, and group interactions, to create immersive brand experiences that drive conversions and boost customer engagement.

As a result of Ehindero's innovative approach and relentless commitment to excellence, PotTV has achieved remarkable milestones. The company has successfully executed high-impact WhatsApp marketing campaigns for leading brands such as Mavin Records, YNaija, Moniepoint, The Next Titan Tv Show, FirstBank, MultiChoice Africa, CWG Africa, GoMoney NG, Chocolate City Records among others, resulting in substantial revenue growth and heightened brand visibility.

In January 2024, Victor Ehindero's PotTV launched PotEarn, an online marketplace where users can make money from their mobile smartphones. 

PotEarn is PotEarn is a digital E-commerce marketplace where only high-quality products are sold. PotEarners link products to buyers and get paid commissions. The platform is a subsidiary of Pot TV, which is one of the largest WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria