Dr. Stephen Akintayo Biography

Dr. Stephen Akintayo

Dr. Stephen Akolade Akintayo (born in Maiduguri, Borno State on 28 January 1986) is a Nigerian author, serial entrepreneur, Investment Coach, Property Developer, and Digital Marketing Consultant. He is the MD/CEO of Gtext Global. 

Gtext Holdings is the mother company of 11 subsidiaries which includes; Gtext Homes - a real estate company with a highly innovative and young workforce. Gtext Homes is saddled with the mission of building the first Green and Smart homes in Africa. It is based in Nigeria - (Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Abeokuta, and Port Harcourt), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Florida (USA), and London (United Kingdom). Other subsidiaries include; Gtext Land, which deals with the sales of landed properties. Stephen Akintayo Consulting expands the frontiers of knowledge and wealth through different mentorship programs such as Real estate, Digital, and Paper asset Investment advisory.

Stephen Akintayo was born in Gonge Area of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria to Mr. Victor and Mrs. Deborah Akintayo. He was born to a family of four children, in a very impoverished environment without electricity. After his father's business crumbled, hunger became the biggest challenge for his family, and he started scavenging while in primary school to eat lunch. His mother frequently borrowed money to pay his school fees.

He attended Baptist Primary School, Maiduguri, and graduated from Government Secondary School Jebba, Kwara State. Then he proceeded to earn his Bachelor of Science degree from Olabisi Onabanjo University in Microbiology. He is a member of the Institute of Strategic Management and a professional member of the Institute of Information Management, Lagos. While in 5th year, he started a Student Trade fair on his campus. He studied Digital Marketing Consultancy at the Digital Marketing Institute and Harvard University. He later partnered with United Kingdom companies to scale up his business. 

At age 17, Akintayo started his first business selling eBooks, and thereafter he started selling GNLD supplements which was introduced by his cousin. Akintayo then started his Bulk SMS business in 2008 called Gilead Balm Group, which was aimed at helping its client reach their enormous nationwide database of contact information. Which has helped brands like; Chivita, Guaranty Trust Bank, MTN, PZ Cusson, and many more. The brand has grown into a multi-million dollar company in over 12 years. He is also the president and founder of Stephen Akintayo Foundation which was formally called Infinity Foundation on the 5th of September 2008, which is aimed at providing free food, clothes, and necessary items for the less privileged, from IDP Camp at Maiduguri, and Dustbin Estate at Ajegungle which his team visits frequently.

In December 2015 he started Mercy Orphanage through Infinity Foundation. As President and founder of the Stephen Akintayo Foundation, which was formally known as the Infinity Foundation on September 5, 2008,  Stephen Akintayo through this foundation is dedicated to providing free food, clothing, and necessities to the less fortunate from the IDP Camp in Maiduguri and the Dustbin Estate in Ajegungle, where his team frequently visits.

Dr. Stephen Akintayo is also the host of the Global Property Brokers Conference, the largest Brokers Conference in Africa. Now renamed as Global Wealth Festival, with the likes of Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, Dr. John Maxwell and others as co-speakers.

Dr. Akintayo has hosted some of the world's most-sought after speakers on his platforms like; Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown .

He is the host of the Investment Chat in a Rolls Royce, which teaches people on different investment opportunities around the globe; and Learning Luxury Show, a show that educates on the benefits of owning luxury and monetizing it.

His progress continues as he proceeds with the Conference Agric, and the just-concluded Freelance Conference Africa. Stephen is married to Bisi Akintayo, who is popularly known as "The Amazon of Mini-Importation". They have three children namely; Ephraim, Sapphire, and Divine. He is an ordained Pastor with Living Faith Church Worldwide.

Akintayo has won a variety of awards of which The Outstanding Young Person by Junior Chamber International award is one of them. 

Books by Dr. Stephen Akintayo

Dr. Stephen is also the author of 45 books, his latest being Billionaire Habits for Entrepreneurs, Billionaire Habits for Pastors, and Becoming a Billionaire Land Banker books. The following are some of the books published and authored by Akintayo included with their year of publication

  • Billionaire Habits: The Secrets Billionaires Use to Build Wealth (2021)
  • Building Wealthy Relationships (2020)
  • Switch (2018)
  • Fastest Ways to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing (2018)
  • Weight Loss ( 2018)
  • How to Earn Six (6) Figures (2018)
  • Entrepreneur Tools (2018)
  • Business Mentorship (2018)
  • Millionaire Freelance (2018
  • The Information Millionaire (2018)
  • Millionaire Bloggers (2016)
  • Affiliate Business (2016)
  • Digital Marketer (2016)  
  • Survival Instinct (2015)
  • Soul Mate: Becoming and Finding the Perfect Fit (2015)
  • Turning Your Mess to Your Message (2014)
  • Locate Relocate (2014)