Seun Runsewe Biography

Seun Runsewe is a Senior Product Manager at Africa’s newest unicorn, Chipper Cash, which is now worth $2 billion. She is a seasoned business leader and advocate for people and development.

Seun started her career advising FS institutions and coordinating efforts to push the frontiers of financial services in Africa across banking, payments and financial risk management with a big-four consulting firm.

Her finance career started in KPMG as a Management Consultant and Project Coordinator for Project Africa (KPMG’s initiative to improve financial services in Africa). She has a background in business administration from Covenant University and also in COMPTIA, DMI and is SAP certified. Seun later moved on to become the inbound Sales Lead at Paystack, one of Africa’s most promising FinTech startups. She spent 2 years at Paystack as Business Lead before starting Switch.

She then moved into the technology space to build businesses geared toward improving payments in the expanding digital economy and empowering Nigerians to build wealth by leading business development and partnerships to deliver products.

When Ham Serunjogi's Chipper Cash was launched back in 2018, their main focus was on solving the cross-border payments challenges many people across Africa face daily. For this reason, they started with one product in just two countries. Three years later, the company has evolved Chipper Cash into a platform with multiple products across multiple countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

At age 28, Oluwaseun Runsewe founded and became CEO of an entrepreneurial fintech, Switch. The purpose of Switch was to offer middle-class Nigerians varied financial solutions, where they could hold a number of savings accounts on the app, with different currencies. Ultimately, the target was to reignite the trust which some people had lost in the banking system and processes. Lending, borrowing, and investments were made possible on the app, with a promise of zero-transaction fees.

Runsewe had her first degree in Business Administration and Management from Covenant University; this was where she picked interest in Technology. She is SAP, COMPTIA and DMI certified.

She’s a handful of beautiful potentials and she’s maximizing it perfectly. She soared in her entrepreneurial skills as she launched a bra line for new and expecting African mothers called, Biamo, which is a mummy gear support company, as of now we produce and sell nursing bras to support women on the motherhood journey from pregnancy to breastfeeding.