Muhammed Gilmore Biography

Muhammed Gilmore Adekunle is one of the fastest-growing skit makers in Nigeria. Popularly known as Gilmore Skit maker or Gilmorr TikTok, Muhammed Gilmore Adekunle is a sensational and talented comedian, TikTok Star, and content creator. 

While Gilmore is rather considered a new content creator, he has been able to make a mark in comedy.

One of the reasons his skits are so popular is because they are incredibly relatable to Nigerians. He has a unique talent for capturing the humor in everyday situations and experiences that Nigerians can identify with.

For example, some of his most popular skits touch on topics like Nigerian parents, school life in Nigeria, social situations, old fashion trends, transportation, nostalgia, and more. By portraying these experiences in a humorous and lighthearted way, Gilmore is able to connect with his audience and make them feel seen and understood.

Mohammed Gilmore is a graduate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG). He has a BSc in Chemistry and graduated in 2024.

Layiwasabi and Gilmore meetup at Trendupps Award

Popular skit makers Layiwasabi (Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola) and Gilmoore (Adekunle Muhammed Gilmore) came together at the Trendupps Award 2023. 

However, netizens couldn’t help but react to the noticeable height difference between the two. Layiwasabi, standing tall at 6.4 feet, towered over Gilmoore, who measured 5.6 feet. 

During the Trendupps Award ceremony, both Layiwasabi and Gilmoore were nominated in different categories. Gilmoore was nominated for “The Force of Comedy Skit,” while Layiwasabi was also nominated as an “Emerging Force.” 

Excitingly, Layiwasabi emerged as the winner in his category, and his fans expressed their joy and believed that he truly deserved the win.

Nike Ambassadorship 

In May 2023, Skit maker Muhammed Glimore, widely known as Glimooree, was presented with an exciting opportunity by Nike to create content for the renowned brand. In a recent Instagram video, Glimooree shared his incredible experience with Nike.

In October 2022, Glimooree proactively reached out to Nike via direct message, expressing his admiration for the brand and his desire to collaborate with them.

It was a bold move fueled by his long-standing aspiration to work alongside Nike. However, much to his surprise, he recently received a message from Nike inviting him to produce content for them.