Martha Ehinome Biography

Martha Ehinome

Born on July 4, 1996, in Oyo State, Nigeria, Martha Ehinome is a talented Nigerian actress and graphic designer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry through her remarkable acting skills.

The 27-year-old Martha Ehinome ORHIERE is a theatrically trained actor from the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ibadan, where she majored in Acting and Speech. She recently starred in TNC's 'Our Best Friend's Wedding' where she played the lead as 'Jade'. Prior to that, she was on Africa Magic's telenovela 'Riona' as 'Esanjumi' and the web series 'My Name is A-zed' as 'Fadekemi'. Some of her soon-to-come works include 'All the Colours of the World', 'The Pretty Ones Are the Lonliest' and 'Blood of Enogie'. 

Some of her previous works include the cinematic release of the biopic, 'The Herbert Macaulay Affair'- where she played 'Caroline Pratt', the multiple award-winning feature film 'Dear Bayo'- for which she was nominated for two BON (Best of Nollywood) awards; Kayode Kasum's 'Dwindle', 'Wo(men) are Scum', 'No Longer Broken', 'Food, Love or Both' and so on. She loves photography, singing, creating, exploring places, and being surrounded by creatives while seeking opportunities to grow and break boundaries.

Throughout her career, Martha has proven herself to be a versatile and accomplished actress, capturing the hearts of audiences with her captivating performances. Her journey as an artist is just beginning, and she continues to make significant strides in the Nigerian film industry.

Early Life and Family Background

Martha Ehinome spent her early years and childhood in Oyo State, Nigeria. Although, she hails from Edo state. She is the sixth child from her father’s side and the fifth child from her mother’s side. She attended Bodija International College and Command Day Secondary School, where she received her primary and secondary education, respectively.

Determined to pursue her passion for acting, Martha enrolled at the prestigious University of Ibadan, where she studied Theatre Arts and specialized in Acting and speech. 

Personal Life: Is Martha Ehinome Married?

Information about Martha Ehinome’s marital status is not available in the provided content. Therefore, her current relationship status and whether she is married or not remain undisclosed.


Martha Ehinome has achieved recognition and acclaim for her contributions to the Nigerian film industry. With her talent and dedication, she has showcased her acting prowess in various movies, captivating audiences with her performances.

Some of the notable films she has appeared in include “Our Best Friend’s Wedding,” “Riona,” “All the Colours of the World,” “Dear Bayo,” and many more. Her versatility as an actress allows her to portray diverse roles, immersing herself in the characters she brings to life on the screen.

Martha’s passion for acting shines through her performances, garnering praise from both critics and viewers alike. In addition to her acting career, she is also involved in graphic design, showcasing her creative abilities across different artistic mediums.

Martha Ehinome’s Movies

Martha Ehinome has lent her talents and imagination to a wide variety of films during the course of her career. Here are a handful of her well-known movies:

  • Dear Bayo
  • Blood of Gnogie
  • Dwindle
  • Women are Scum
  • No Longer Broken”
  • Our Best Friend’s Wedding
  • All the Colours of the World