Damilare Ogundare (Habby Forex) Biography

Damilare Ogundare popularly known as HabbyFX or Habby Forex, the richest and youngest Forex trader in Nigeria is a 20 years old Undergraduate of University of Lagos State (UNILAG).

Born on March 18, 2001, Damilare Ogundare (HabbyFx) prides himself as one of Nigeria’s brightest forex traders. Apart from being regarded by many traders as one of the most influential with a net worth of over $5 million dollars and an ECOWAS youth ambassadorship, he is the founder and CEO of Habby Forex Trading Academy, an online forex trading instructional centre

HabbyFX is a popular Forex Trader and Author from Osun State in Nigeria, He has over 4 years of Experience trading the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market and has been partnered with many Forex brokers such as Infinox, ICM and many more.

Damilare Ogundare started his Forex trading career in 2016, and since then, he has made an indelible mark in the financial market trading sector, making him one of the youngest and richest Forex traders in Nigeria.

Starting out as a Forex trader, HabbyFX encountered numerous difficulties like other traders. However, his resilience and dedication kept him going, and he remained focused on his goal of becoming a successful trader.

Habby Forex Trading Academy

As a result of his immense success in Forex trading, HabbyFX founded the Habby Forex Trading Academy, an Online Education Center with 3 Physical Locations across Lagos State, which provides training and mentorship to aspiring Forex traders. He also co-founded the first and most successful proprietary firm in Africa called Consummate Traders, which focuses on Forex trading, proprietary trading, and asset management.

HabbyFX has to his credit, over 10,000 Students who he takes on Forex classes both Online and Offline.

Damilare is a philanthropist and has helped many youths achieve their goals. To date, over 5000 people have benefited from his trade signals (Both paid and free)

Among other mind-blowing achievements, Damilare is known to have made his first One million Naira at the age of 18. He is more passionate in impacting other people, and have created series of young millionaire over the years.

From profits, HabbyFX has said he has bought a house, three luxury cars (a c63 Benz, a Range Rover Sport, and a Lexus IS 350), and has two branch office spaces in Lagos.

Apart from his achievements in the Forex market, HabbyFX has also invested in real estate, making him a proud landlord of over two properties in Lagos State, Nigeria. 

As a way to help liberate the youths from poverty, Damilare advised the Federal Government of Nigeria to build proprietary firms in other to aid Forex Trading in the Country.

Damilare Ogundare (Habby Forex) Net Worth

Apart from being regarded by many traders as one of the most influential forex traders in Nigeria, Habby Forex has an  estimated net worth of over $5 million