NerdBlip Brand Profile


NerdBlip is a technological media and an online company covering —Tech innovations, Startups, Science, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence; The internet and 5G, etc. NerdBlip covers the businesses, economy, and  political importance of these technologies in Africa. 

Type of site: Digital Media, News
Categories: Technology, business, insights.
Founded: March, 2023.
Country : Lagos, Nigeria.
Founder(s): John Adebola Olorunfemi
Language: English
Commercial: Yes
Current Status : Online.


NerdBlip was founded by John Adebola Olorunfemi in 2023 as a platform for tech news and insights, which primarily focusing on the African continent. He founded the company after leaving his former role as a content writer for Campus Community Network, a Federal University of Technology (FUTA) campus-based students media. 

In June, 2023 the company launched their blog for their online readers.
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NerdBlip is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

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