Emmanuel Akpe (Prince of Copywriting) Biography

Emmanuel Akpe, popularly known as Prince of Copywriting was born on 2nd August, 1994. He is a professional copywriter, corporate trainer, marketing Consultant, Author, Public speaker and business expert. He is the author of the best selling book, Copywriting101, Why You are Broke and numbers digital products and reports. He is also the convener of the popular Bachelor of Copywriting (B.O.C) programme. His digital trainings has affected more than 100,000 lives directly and millions indirectly.

Bachelor of copywriting course is the most corrosive yet most affordable copywriting course in the history of the world. The course has seen a total of 5,565 graduates in 11 editions.

Emmanuel Akpe is the CEO and Founder of the ValueVerse group, a group of companies in the online education, consulting, travel, tours, and online marketing industry. He oversees the corporate operations, sales strategy, and brand experience. 

Early life

Emmanuel Akpe was born in Makurdi, Benue State. Who lived seven years in Benue, thereafter relocated with my family to Abuja. At 13, he represented Nigeria with 12 others in the Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) world cup and won.

At 16, Emmanuel made his first six figures after reading the secrets of the millionaire mind. He was able to convince his students to participate in extra moral lessons to enable them to improve their academic performance. Emmanuel reinvested the money he saves during his time teaching into his mum's business and received passive income from her throughout his university days.


The 29-year-old Emmanuel Akpe graduated from the University of Uyo, studying microbiology. He was the Zonal coordinator for NCCF (Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship) Port Harcourt Zone. During his universities, he was awarded as the entrepreneur of the year twice by the ENACTUS group of the school. Also, due to his entrepreneurial skills, he sold more than 500 toads to students in a dry season where toads were had to find toads too. He just acted as a middle man with some young boys who supplied the toads to the students.

Emmanuel loves selling products and services that are transforming and love seeing testimonies of people saying how he has contributed to changing their lives.

Also, he loves speaking, traveling and a bookworm.

As a prolific trainer, he has helped over 15,000 enterprising and high-end entrepreneurs master the art and science of traffic generation, offer creation, conversions, and copywriting using his signature course Bachelor of Copywriting. 

As a Sales and Marketing Consultants, he has helped top-notch organisations increase their revenue using strategic processes and superb marketing strategies.