10 Companies Offering Student Job Opportunities in Nigeria

Earning money as a student in a developing country like Nigeria can be challenging. The lack of sufficient qualifications and limited financial resources often hinder students from securing good jobs or starting their own businesses. Moreover, juggling work and studies can be daunting.

Given these circumstances, Nigerian students seek to earn their own money, either to supplement parental allowances or to gain valuable work experience for their future careers. Although the job market for students is highly competitive due to the country's high unemployment rate and the saturation of unemployed graduates, there are companies in Nigeria that offer job opportunities to students.

In this article, we present 10 companies where you can work as a student in Nigeria. These companies provide job openings for Nigerian students. If you're a student seeking employment, conduct thorough research on these companies to explore available positions and application timelines.

1. Global Techpreneural Agency

Located in Port Harcourt, Global Techpreneural Agency offers various services, including business development consultancy, advertising, talent hunting, freelancing, graphic design, content creation, and more. The agency frequently hires students with profitable skills like graphic design and content creation.

2. ValueGate Consulting

Based in Abuja, ValueGate Consulting primarily offers internship positions but occasionally pays students to assist with social media marketing. The company provides consulting services to clients.

3. Bincom Dev Center

Bincom Dev Center is a Nigerian company specializing in technology talent development and solutions, offering trainee positions, industrial attachments, and internships to students. Working here can greatly benefit those studying ICT-related courses.

4. Shoprite

Although Shoprite exited Nigeria, the new owners still maintain the name and structure of the largest supermarket retailer in Africa. Shoprite provides various job opportunities for students, such as cashiers, bakers, and stock management positions, which do not require higher qualifications.

5. Chicken Republic

As a fast-food chain specializing in chicken recipes, Chicken Republic offers simple roles suitable for students, such as cashiers, cooks, cleaners, and kitchen assistants. These positions don't demand higher qualifications and provide on-the-job training.

6. KenRicana Group

The KenRicana Group, a food services company in Nigeria with several subsidiaries, hires students for roles like cashiers and cooking assistants. These positions often require only an O’level certificate and offer on-the-job training.

7. Mercer Consulting Limited

Mercer Consulting Limited, located in Abuja, specializes in SME consulting, human capital development, business growth, and more. They hire students for roles like drivers, cooks, and cleaners, provided they meet the qualifications.

8. RA Trading and Think Design

An Israeli-Nigerian company based in Ketu, Lagos, RA Trading and Think Design produce various products, including furniture. They hire students for roles such as cleaning, cashier, and carpentry, offering on-the-job training.

9. uLesson

uLesson is a free educational learning app assisting primary and secondary students with their studies and external examinations. The company often employs students for various roles and occasionally hires them as tutors.

10. EHA Clinics

As a primary healthcare service provider with branches across Nigeria, EHA Clinics offers internships and entry-level roles for students. Certain positions, like cleaning jobs, only require an O’level certificate, making them accessible to students.


While finding a well-paying job as a student in Nigeria can be challenging, careful planning and extensive research can lead to rewarding opportunities. Develop relevant skills to enhance competitiveness and stay updated with vacancy announcements to apply promptly. By seizing such opportunities, students can earn money and gain valuable experience to prepare for their future careers.