Meet Esther Omikunle: A Young Tech Entrepreneur Making Waves in Nigeria

Esther Omikunle is a young tech entrepreneur who is currently making waves in the tech industry. The Tech Product Manager is also an author, lifestyle blogger, podcaster, and WIMBIZ Associate. Esther, the techie is actively involved in content creation, social entrepreneurship and software development.

Esther Omikunle is a Computer Engineering graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University. She currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. She currently works as a Technical Product Manager at Cowrywise, a popular FinTech company. She is a graduate of the Basic Leadership and Entrepreneurship Course received from the Leading Ladies Business Institute.

Career Journey

Before joining Cowrywise, Esther Omikunle had other work experiences in the Tech industry. Esther Omikunle kick-started her career as a Software developer at Venture Garden Group in 2015. Before she proceeded to Parkway Projects Limited in 2017, occupying the same position. 

In 2018, Esther Omikunle proceeded to join First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and worked as a Software Engineer. She then took up the role of a Product Owner (API integrations).

Esther Omikunle in her career journey was able to tutor over 100 women who were interested in Product Management in 2021. She was the Product Owner of the Digital Innovation Lab at the First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) up till 2022 when she joined Cowrywise. 

Esther Omikunle received an award for being an Exceptional Product Manager from Techtrend Africa in January 2022. 

Love Letters to My Abba

Esther Omikunle also known as Esthitude launched her book titled Love Letters to My Abba in 2022. The book is geared towards helping men see the need to live in gratitude towards God at every point in time. It is also a must-read for anyone who desires a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. 

Esther writing about Love Letters to Abba mentioned that the book was borne out of her gratitude to God and love notes that were previously shared.

From her blog, the Esthitude Place, here is a piece she shared in 2020 titled A Love Letter to Abba. 

A love Letter to Abba Esther Omikunle
Esther Omikunle A Love Letter to Abba
Source: The Esthitude Place

 Mivida Enterprise

Esther Omikunle currently runs a social enterprise called Mivida Enterprise. The social enterprise targets young adults who need clarity in life and purpose. Goal-setting masterclasses, vision board workshops, Mivida book club, and Mivida beach hangout are some of the initiatives taken by Esther Omikunle's Mivida Enterprise to ensure these young people live fulfilling lives. 

The Esthitude Place Blog

The Esthitude Place blog which was founded in 2015 focuses on topics that cut across Spirituality, Lifestyle, Adventure and Career. When you visit the Esthitude Place blog, you can expect to find motivational posts, inspiring words, great music for download, awesome movie reviews and others. 


Esther Omikunle is happily married.