Opemipo Disu Biography

Opemipo Disu was born in Lagos, Nigeria on October 27, 2005. Opemipo got his very first PC at 5. Although he had no idea of what was going on in the tech ecosystem as well as he had no misconception nor bias about technologies since forever.

The 17-year-old developer, Opeyemi Disu, is a Web3 expert, also a keynote speaker, and a media personality who had been featured on so many media publications. So far, he has addressed over 300,000 intellectuals in different industries. His passion is to keep exploring technology and make different web technologies more accessible to developers.

Opemipo's goal is to help at least 500,000 developers with his keynote talks, and tutorials. Opemipo has spoken at over 100 tech conferences including some at IBM, and Microsoft. Opemipo's contributions to different communities has earned him numerous achievements like IBM Champion for Developers and Couchbase Champion, Bitrise Expert, and many more.

Opemipo currently works as a Developer Advocate. He is working on building different things on next generation technologies which can be seen on his YouTube Channel, "Opemipo's Thoughts". Opemipo has been featured on BBC, Channels TV, Legit.ng, and many more.

Opemipo has been coding since he was 11, and has created so many projects including rtdl.io (with his mentor, Gavin Johnson and Dipanjan Biswas), and Aurora - an anticyberbully application which got him so many recognitions in 2022.


Opemipo started his tech career at a very young age, he started his tech career at the age of 5 because he got his first laptop at the age of 5. He started his tech career with gaming when he used to play online games. He had always been a fan of the educational software, Encarta Kids, which later motivated him to move into coding at the age of 10. He started with simple languages like Visual Basic and ASP.NET. 

At age 11, Opemipo moved to full-stack web development, then he created his first web project which was a tech blog. At the age of 14, Opemipo moved into AI and IBM Watson with lots of contributions in different tech communities like the IBM Community and Bitrise too.

Opemipo Disu is currently the youngest JAMstack developer, the youngest IBM Watson Developer, IBM Champion for Developer, an Hashnode Ambassador and an international keynote speaker.

Personal Life

Apart from tech, Opemipo loves different sports like Swimming, Biking and Football. He loves speaking at tech conferences and exploring different things all around the world.