John Oseni Biography

Meet John Oseni, 16-year-old Nigerian Tech-guru with amazing feats in Blockchain Dev and Web3

John Oseni is a multitasking software developer (Web development, mobile development, blockchain development, and cyber security). He has developed a prototype web-based crypto wallet, token swapping, exchanger and again,he has created the first-ever blockchain video-conferencing application. 

The Sixteen- year-old John Oseni is a man of different interests. His official bio calls him a blockchain and full-stack developer. But John is so neck-deep in bringing a lasting change to the future of humanity through technology. 

John Oseni is the Co-founder & CTO of Versuspay. Versuspay is an online payment platform that affords users to enjoy cashless convenience, allows them spend easy and spend smart. Versuspay also ensures users have a frictionless buying experience using their platform.

John doubles as a Shareholder at Softdroom and also Co-Founder & CTO at 4Traderx Inc.

4Traderx is a marketplace for African traders to access global payments infrastructure, currency exchange, and international clients. We simplify currency exchange, payroll, global bank accounts, payment APIs, an e-commerce marketplace, and many more to Africa.

He is an Ambassador at CUDOS, a Layer 1 blockchain and Layer 2 community-governed compute network, designed to ensure decentralised, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale

John Oseni is also a Keboola Expert, Blockchain / Fullstack Developer at Sportrex Inc, an all-in-one decentralised GameFi (Play-to-Earn) ecosystem built on multichain networks with Metaverse experience.

Born in February, 2006, John Oseni is a Nigerian web developer. He hails from Yewa North in Ogun State. He is a blockchain developer and is skilled at Web3, Solidity and Meta mask. 

Although he doesn't have any official certificates in programming, John Oseni has been able to secure different programming jobs both locally and internationally. He's an expert in NodeJS, Typerscript, React and Blockchain.

John Oseni is the fourth child in his family. His father, Prof. Oseni, is a professor of Biochemistry and his mother is a retired civil servant. He had his basic secondary School Education at Command Day Secondary School, Akure, Ondo State where he was in the Technology Department. He graduated from Command Day Secondary School in 2021.

In an interview with The Punch, John Oseni replied to online reports that claimed he was offered employment by a firm in Italy. He said most of the jobs he gets are based on referrals and he actually worked for two companies in Italy; Flywallet and Cryptonite. He was recommended to the Italian companies and was surprised the companies got in touch with him and made him their blockchain team lead. He was also booked for a trip to meet the company's team physically but he couldn't make it due to his appointment with the Ooni of Ife. 

John Oseni works remotely for most of the companies he works with.

John, like every other regular Teenager, did not initially have any lofty dreams while growing up in Ondo State.  Everyone would have thought he wanted to be a doctor, lawyer or any other career children dream about, but he just wanted to play with Tyres. 

At age 14, John Oseni had his first exposure to Tech. This was when Green Garage, an Akure based Tech Organisation visited his school, Command Day Secondary School, to teach Students about basic computer hardware. For John, this was the spark. He became so much interested and then engaged in the Competition Green Garage organized for Students where he emerged co-winner with another female student amongst other 80 Students who competed.

Few weeks after this experience, John reached out to Green Garage for his prize as co-winner but they offered to teach him lessons for a week in exchange. Although, his parents did not like this idea since he had to leave home everyday and they even tried on many occasions to stop him but he was persistent.

John Oseni was just a young man with no phones, computers or access to the internet and has achieved great feats in the world of Tech and Entrepreneurship at such a very young age.

On 5th October, 2022, John Oseni was invited to speak at TEDx Jibowu.

John is the author of 4 books;
  1. Blockchain(web3)
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Getting started with Node js and 
  4. Space & Orbit. 

He recently begun a YouTube series themed, Learn To Write Codes With John Oseni, the first of its kind. 

John looks up to Elon Musk and hopes to build 24 companies in Africa and build a robust economy with blockchain He was recently awarded the Global Top 100 Child Prodigy Award He was recently awarded the Top 100 Child Prodigy Award

Building UltereX

John is currently building UltereX, a nature-powered tech company. The plan is to harness nature’s gifts like air, water, solar, and other earthly elements to reduce the global carbon footprint and make Earth a healthier place. He plans to create gadgets and automobiles that are powered by nature’s elements.  

“We want to create vehicles that will be propelled by air. The project is ongoing and it might be ready in months because of the help from one of the companies I work for in the US and my growing team of researchers and engineers.”

“We believe that the future of technology is sustainability. We want to build an ecosystem that promotes sustainability in ways that have never been explored. I want to build something like Tesla but we want to do better because Tesla products still have toxic emissions” says John