Meet Clement Hugbo, Web3 designer who earns $15k monthly from Tech

Clement Hugbo

Clement Hugbo is Founder and CEO of Crevatal Technologies, a media and fintech company who leverages on the emerging growth in technology and Blockchain to create, promote and integrate products and services for her clients globally.

As a creative designer who not only stand for anything design but has expand his reach into various aspects of technology, he is mostly fascinated by how users responds to new changes in technology / products, especially users experience in Blockchain integrated products which has lead him to developing various product interfaces in this space.

He is also an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with a wide range knowledge on electrical architecture, wiring and telecommunications but of course, this has not been his core focus for over two years as he is more dedicated in building and developing solutions that will help people and companies have a much more flexible living and working routines with the use of technology.

Hugbo is the CEO of Crevatal and Web3D. Both companies were born out of his fascination with blockchain technology; Crevatal, a Web3 UX design agency, was founded to create more user-friendly blockchain products. 

According to Hugbo, many people find it challenging to use blockchain products because builders are not paying enough attention to design. 

His more recent company, Web3D, was created to solve some of the problems he encountered as a designer. 

Clement Hugbo is well known in the tech space as a Web3 designer and has worked at companies such as Index Coop, Nestcoin, Polygon, and Bundle. However, he didn’t start his tech career as a designer. 

He has worn many hats throughout his tech journey, all of which have made him the designer he is today. 

According to Hugbo, he entered tech in 2015 as a media archivist, a role far from design. It involved manually inputting media files and data into an in-house server when cloud storage wasn’t so prominent.

From being a media archiver, Hugbo became an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultant and developer at IRSL Logistics, using Systems Applications and Products (SAP) to manage daily business activities for organisations like Dangote Group and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). 

After that, he found his way into front-end development, becoming the front-end lead for a blockchain project. He worked closely with designers and even had to do some designs himself. 

He finally ventured into design in 2018, spurred on by his love for crypto and blockchain. 

Clement Hugbo is also a design generalist who describes himself as one who is constantly open to learning. He is skilled in motion graphics, visual design, product design, 3D modelling and texturing, and video editing. 

He’s a master of almost all the products in the Adobe Creative Suite, such as After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Other tools include Autodesk Maya, Figma, and Blender.

After Hugbo’s bitter experience juggling several roles without the salary to show for it, he left tech completely and ventured into the oil and gas sector. However, his desire to build blockchain products was so strong he barely spent six months at the oil and gas firm.

In an interview with Techpoint, Hugbo said he started working for decentralised finance (DeFi) projects and Web3-native products. All the jobs he'd ever had were based on recommendation.

The Web3 jobs paid off; Hugbo was earning between $2k (₦720k exchange rate in 2020) and $4k (₦1.4 million) monthly when he started, and less than a year in, he was making between $7k (₦2.5 million) and $15k (₦5.3 million) monthly.