"Follow your passion but find ways to support it" - Alamu Akinkunmi

Alamu Akinkunmi

Alamu Akinkunmi, a multimedia manager and content strategist in an interview with Biopreneur Nigeria, shares some of his lessons from his work. He also shared what it means to have a bin of possibilities in the face of opposition.

Keep reading to know what that is.

Sarah Olaniyi: Good evening, sir. How are you doing today?

Alamu Akinkunmi: I am okay?

Sarah Olaniyi: I am faring well. Thank you, sir.

Thank you so much, sir, for making out time for this interview. It's a pleasure to have you here, sir.

Quickly, could you please tell us about yourself and briefly describe your background?

Alamu Akinkunmi: My name is Alamu Akinkunmi. I prefer to be called Kunmi or Dawi. I am a multimedia manager. So I do more of managing talents (creatives) for projects and brands. I oversee the production of content for web, social media, and print. Ranging from audio, copywriting, design, printing, video creation, and other forms.

I am an introvert but many people will argue otherwise.

Growing up was a mix of sweet and bitter. My parents contributed to the way I think with many of their actions. I got access to a laptop as early as I can remember. I was encouraged to read as much as possible but, my career wasn't really supported when I wanted to start it. That was a bit of a challenge but it helped me structure my purpose.

Sarah Olaniyi: Amazingly, you were able to make something beautiful out of the situation.

As a multimedia manager, what was the last project you worked on, and what are you currently working on?

Alamu Akinkunmi: Last major project was the Ibadan music festival. Currently working on MBI entertainment as a brand.

Sarah Olaniyi: Have you ever thought of giving up on what you do and venturing into something else?

Alamu Akinkunmi: Well, honestly giving up is relative.

If it is permanently, no.

Temporarily I have paused content and engaged in other stuff to make money so I can fund what I do.

Sarah Olaniyi: Why not permanently? What keeps you motivated and interested in your work?

Alamu Akinkunmi: My brand's purpose. My brand's purpose is to enable creativity without boundaries.

Sarah Olaniyi: I learnt you own a podcast. What prompted you to begin the podcast?

Alamu Akinkunmi: I like to discuss problems because it births solutions. Also, it was created as a personal journal.

Sarah Olaniyi: What kind of problems do you intend to solve with the podcast?

Alamu Akinkunmi: Some of the problems creatives face like procrastination, finding purpose, brand development, etc

Sarah Olaniyi: Which of your creative accomplishments has given you the most satisfaction so far and why?

Alamu Akinkunmi: Project, Dawihub. 

It helped me shape my career during school days and after-school days. It also helped other numerous students achieve their goals. It gave to rise other Amazing projects.

Sarah Olaniyi: What prompted you to venture into project management and content development?

Alamu Akinkunmi: I like to stay unique and upgrade my skillset. It's in the same line, more encompassing, and can challenge me to be a better version of myself.

Sarah Olaniyi: Have you ever been faced with negative feedback? If yes, how was it handled?

Alamu Akinkunmi: Yes. I used to get quite a number of remarks that I am ugly. So, I made my brand logo/icon a monkey

Sarah Olaniyi: I hope those comments didn't get to you.

Alamu Akinkunmi: I try as much as possible to repurpose anything happening to me. So, EVERYTHING IS CONTENT.  It is just perspective.

Sarah Olaniyi: Amazing! What do you mean by "repurpose anything happening to me" and how do you do that?

Alamu Akinkunmi: People called me ugly - I made my logo a monkey. I got more popular and got my top-of-mind awareness for everyone that came across the brand, name, or myself.

I have something called a bin of possibilities. This means anything that happens to me, I mark it. Sometimes later, I can use the experience to create an experience for people to learn or achieve a goal.

Sarah Olaniyi: Beautiful! That sounds like making lemonades out of lemons.

Alamu Akinkunmi: Yes

Sarah Olaniyi: Is there any lesson you learnt early on and have used a lot throughout life that you could share with our audience?

Alamu Akinkunmi: Follow your passion but find ways to support it. This literally means, following your passion is great. But if you don't have ways to support and expect it to support you, you might get frustrated in the process.

Sarah Olaniyi: Hmm... That was profound!

Lastly, what or who inspires you?

Alamu Akinkunmi: Creatives all over the world inspire me. I spend the bulk of my time unlearning and learning. Seeing amazing content (that I ask myself - how did they think of this?) Inspires me to challenge myself to be more

Sarah Olaniyi: Awesome! This is where I draw the curtain on this interview. Thank you so much for making out time for this interview with Biopreneur Nigeria once again.

Alamu Akinkunmi: Thank you for having me.