Biopreneur: Hi Musa, Thanks for taking the time out for this interview.  Let’s start with the introduction. 
Could you please share with us about your professional sphere of work, about your projects? What is it exactly that you do?

Musa: I'm a writer, digital marketer, product designer and a change breaker. I currently lead a Youth Organization in Akure, Ondo State. Apart from volunteering which I love doing, I do many other things.

Biopreneur: How has the digital entrepreneurship journey been for you so far?

Musa: My digital Entrepreneurship experience has been one of learnings. I have learnt how to do a lot of things and work by myself. I've learnt that there's a difference between the NGO space and the business space.

Biopreneur: What do you think of data rates? How do they affect your brand online?

Musa: Well, I don't really feel data is expensive in Nigeria. I've worked and volunteered across other African countries and I can say that the data rates in Nigeria are one the cheapest you'll find anywhere. Nigeria is a cheap country and the data rates are fair.

Biopreneur: Why Equatif?

Musa: The fact that a lot of smart people who have skills and have not been able to access and monetize these skills has never sat well with me. This is the model problem Equatif is designed to solve.

I have also seen and interacted with a lot of business owners, proprietors and individuals complain about not being able to access the right talents they need, when they need it and how they need it. This is why Equatif is being designed to solve this challenge.

Biopreneur: Equatif is being built to connect young Africans with global freelance and job opportunities. Considering the fierce competition in your industry, how would you highlight Equatif's competitive advantages? What will make it stand out of the crowd?

Musa: Equatif offers two distinct advantage at launching; Equatif Pro and Equatif Freelance

We will be making it easier for companies to he able to employ Professionals they need and not just the Government. 

There's also provision for people to employ Professionals for one-off projects.

Summarily, Equatif is offering to be the gateway for global companies to enter Africa and recruit Professionals from our continent.

Biopreneur: Many have results to prove that digital skills do not yield actual conversions like physical or vocational skills. Is there anything they are doing wrong leading to these results?

Musa: I disagree with the saying that digital skills do not yield actual conversions like physical/vocational skills. I feel a lot of people work on teams that don't see the bigger picture or are not allowed to see the bigger picture. 

If a barber barbs someone's hair within few minutes, we'll say the person's hair went from 'how it was to how it is now'. This same thing can be in the digital space with digital skills. If a company is branded newly, we can similarly say that the company went from 'how it was to how it is now' because a couple of days ago, the company had no brand but now they have a brand booklet, a brand direction and turn. 

I wouldn't say digital Skills are more important than other physical/vocational skills, but I'd say digital skills are as Important as vocational skills.

Biopreneur: Is there perhaps one lesson that you have learned early on and used a lot throughout life, that you can give to our readers as a piece of advice for the future?

Musa: Getting the opportunity to lead an organization like AISEC in Akure, Ondo State, I've worked with people, young ones especially and also learnt how to bring the best out of people. 

Biopreneur: Who/What inspires you? Could you please elaborate?

Musa: The average Nigerian who gets up to do what's right daily and also those who up-skill themselves to ensure they go out of their way to become stronger and better versions of themselves.

Biopreneur: Finally, What would you say to budding entrepreneurs who are considering jumping in to create something in the digital/Tech Entrepreneurship space?

Musa: Finally, I'm not really good at giving advices because everyone's experience is different. A successful person may hint you on what brought about the great feats he has achieved and it you replicate the same thing it may not just work out well for you. I believe if you do what's right at the right time and using the right methods, you'd be successful. 

Go through your process, make your mistakes but learn from them. Mistakes are part of the Entrepreneurship experience. If you're scared of making mistakes, you're most likely not going to go far.

Biopreneur: Thank you so much sir for your time. 

Musa: You're welcome!