"Customers don't just buy your products, they buy you first before your product" —Peter Oke

Peter Oke

Born on 3rd of June 1999 in Iseyin, Peter Oke is a prolific Entrepreneur, affiliate marketer and Amazon KDP Coach. He is a Top Amazon KDP Low Content Publisher in Africa who is interested in growth and building succesful entrepreneurship communities. He is a graduate of Political Science and Social Studies from the Emmanuel Alayande College of Education.

In our interview with him, he gives us insights into his background and how it informs the decisions he takes to ensure productivity in everything he does.  

Biopreneur Nigeria (BN): Thank you for taking the time out for this interview, Sir. Please can you give a quick introduction about yourself to our readers who aren’t familiar with you?

Peter Oke: I'm Peter Oke also known as The Profitable Man.

BN: This is quite brief Sir. Can you give more information if you don't mind sir?

Peter: I was born on 3rd of June 1999 in Iseyin. I grew up and had my Basic Education, primary and Secondary Education there. I am a graduate of Political Science and Social Studies from the Emmanuel Alayande College of Education. I am currently having another Undergraduate degree programme at the Prestigious University of Ibadan in the department of History. 

BN: We'd love to know, How did your journey in performance and affiliate marketing begin?

Peter: I developed a businessman's mindset as a teen, as an orphan. I automatically had this sense of survival mentality which pushed me into doing various kinds of hustle which I might not want to go into details. As time passed, my understanding of how money works deepened and I started affiliate marketing. This is about 2 years now.

I basically recommend and promote valued packed products to the people who need them. One of the major products I sell is the Amazon KDP course which I personally mastered and also packaged as a course for people that are willing to learn. I have about 7000 mentees and I'm also a top low content book publisher in Africa as of now.

BN: This is applaudable Sir!

Peter: Thank you.

BN: What are the main areas you suggests in which affiliate marketers should focus in the beginning?

Peter: The first thing affiliate marketers should focus on is understanding themselves, then the product and the people. 

Understanding yourself- People don't just buy your product, they buy you first before your product. A footballer can't say he wants to teach me forex trading. You must study yourself first; things you are good at and capable of doing. For instance, if Philip Abayomi says he wants to teach me blogging, I will not think twice! 

The product- You have have knowledge about what you're selling. One of the things that helped me is my mastery about Amazon KDP. I know all the answers to any problem you are likely to face. This has helped me to make money personally from consultations. My results about using the product is enough for excelling in the market.

The people - Everybody is not your customer. You can't be selling menstrual pads to adults (I stand to be corrected). Key thing is to know your audiences and target them.

BN: Sir, How can retailers (affiliates) keep track of each sale so that they don’t miss out on the sale’s commission?

Peter: There many platforms now where your products can be listed to reach larger audiences and the sales tracking has been made easy. You can keep track with customers information on platforms like selar, expertanaire, stakecut, etc

BN: Using selar as a case study, how can an entrepreneur achieve the sales tracking? Does it require any special competence?

Peter: Keeping track of sales doesn't require any special competence. For example, on every sale you will receive a mail. On every uncompleted sales your will also receive a mail with the customer's information supplied upon visiting your page. On selar and other platforms, there is always a dashboard that shows your sales margin, your total earnings in  different currencies.

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You can also print out the spreadsheet our your sales to monitor them.

BN: For an affiliate marketing campaign would you prefer well-optimized content or a huge budget for performance marketing (PPC) campaign?

Peter: I will go for a well optimized content because content optimization offers a ton of benefits. It brings better and higher rankings, a larger audience, more backlinks and help you build trust.

BN: What's your belief as regards interconnected growth? Is it absolutely possible for a brand to develop in isolation and without partnerships with affiliates?

Peter: Personally, I believe in making things right before going into partnership with affiliates. Before I gave affiliates the opportunity to market my product, I sold to over 100 people. If you can't sell what you create personally, others can't sell it well. But it is not absolutely possible for a brand to develop to a top class one with many sales recorded without affiliates.

BN: 100 Persons!

Peter: Yes. This ASUU strike also helped. 

BN: You write books and develop video courses. What is your preferred way of learning new stuff?

Peter: I prefer very practical ways of learning which is through videos.

BN: Do you think advertising is always a worthy investment?

Peter: Yes, it is. Every successful and leading brand or company you can mention all over the world today used and still employs the use of advertisement. Advertisement is the major way you create awareness for your products. Why not invest so much in it?

BN: What do you have to say on How Affiliate Marketing has evolved in the last decade? And what's your future projection also?

Peter: As a Historian that specializes in Economy History, affiliate marketing has been in existence for ages but we were not able to appreciate and adapt it to a great extent. People have been selling other people's products to make money from before now. Thank God for the advent of technology that has transformed the system of affiliate marketing. The level of transformation we experienced in affiliate marketing from 2010 to 2022 is top notch and has given us a better prediction for its future. 

My projection: Historians will say the secret to the future is in the past. The future of affiliate marketing will grow to the extent that no organization will be left out. Everyone will have no option than to make use of it.

BN: Let’s step away from work. What do you do to relax and unwind? What's your personal space like?

Peter: I love watching two things; biographies of great people and documentary Movies. I also enjoy the serenity that comes with a quiet environment. I read books about business, faith, prosperity and family.

BN: Tell us about your personal life and relationship?

Peter: I'm someone who loves being among very intelligent people. Also, I relate with people based on the level of our relationship. I'm a Believer in Christ Jesus and anything contrary to my faith I don't do no matter the profit. I am single and for now, not in any romantic relationship but in a few destiny and profitable relationships.  

BN: Finally, What piece of advice would you give to college students who want to become entrepreneurs?

Peter: Being an Entrepreneur requires process. You can't just wake up and be one. You must be willing to take the necessary routes that leads to a successful entrepreneurship journey. You must be determined, consistent, desirous, diligent and focused to achieve your stated goals because they are not going to come your way easily, trust me. Learn, unlearn and relearn. Also have faith and believe in God.

BN: Thank you so much for your time sir. We sincerely appreciate.

Peter: You're welcome.