"My Primary Source of Motivation for success is Poverty" —Ọlálékan Michael Ajibola

Olalekan Michael Ajibola

Ọlálékan Michael Ajibola is a serial entrepreneur, Business analyst, media influencer and Student leader. He is the CEO/Managing Director of OMAXCHANGE, an Online crypto currency exchange Platform, a subsidiary of the OMAX brand —a multi-digital company.

Popularly known as OMA, Ọlálékan Michael Ajibola is an Undergraduate Student of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan. He is the current Public Relations Officer of the University of Ibadan Students' Union; a position he emerged through his passion for politics and willingness to serve humanity.

In our interview with OMA, he shares his motivation for building successful brands and points to the fact that he builds brands primarily for alleviating societal problems.

Biopreneur Nigeria (BN): Good evening Sir
Thank you for taking out time for this interview session with Biopreneur Nigeria.

Olalekan Michael Ajibola (OMA): You're welcome. Good evening.

BN: Can you give a quick introduction about yourself to our readers?

OMA: My name is Ọlálékan Michael Ajibola. I’m a serial entrepreneur, a media influencer and a Student leader.

BN: Sir, you're a serial entrepreneur —what made you want to build OMAX, and why do you think you are good at it Entrepreneurship generally?

OMA: Well, I’ve been into crypto currency exchange for more than 2 years now and this was because I saw a need for people to perform their crypto related transactions in a more convenient and fast way. This is one of the solutions and comfort OMAX brings to its users. We have also chosen to make trading of crypto currencies more easy and without borders.

Entrepreneurship has been my thing for a very long time. Due to my work as a Media influencer, I build brands, see to their success and growth in the financial market. I personally have four other brands which I have been able to build successfully.

BN: Where did the idea of your business name OMAX, derive from?

OMA: OMAX was derived as an abbreviation from my name; my initials basically.

BN: What best motivates you Sir? How have your entrepreneurial motivations changed since you first started?

OMA: My primary source of motivation is poverty.
The level of poverty and hardship people are facing in Nigeria is one of my driving force to make sure that I get successful and do my best to help people.

Also, I believe and love giving a lot. Most of my friends and acquaintances call me a philanthropist. I hate been asked for help and I’m unable to offer anything. My inability to help people who come my way hurts me more than the people who need the help.

I see a need for a change in the financial space of Nigeria. The increased unemployment, which has resulted in extreme poverty is a serious issue of concern for me. This is why I am motivated to continue building successful business systems, God willing, so I can employ people and get them paid well.

BN: I can personally attest to the fact that you're generous and a Philanthropist. Thank you for this kind heart of yours, Sir.

BN: Considering the fierce competition in Today’s Crypto industry, how would you highlight your Brand's competitive advantages? What makes it stand out of the crowd?

OMA: Okay, thank you.
There’s an adage that says; "the sky is big enough for every bird to fly without any collision".

Hence, I believe that no matter the competition in the market, I can always join the market, make my impact and my profit. It's just a simple mindset!

However, taking a critical look and survey, my crypto xchange brand (OMAX) offers more features for users than the existing exchange Platforms.

Apart from the fact that our exchange is a full fledged peer to peer system, users can also redeem their giftcards, buy airtime, data and cable subscription.

More so, our users have the opportunity of also enrolling in our Academy, the OMAX ACADEMY and learn whatsoever skill(s) they so choose to learn.

BN: Great! I'm just getting to know about the Academy Sir.
Can you tell us more about the Academy and what Skills are available for people who would want to enroll?

OMA: Our goal at OMAX ACADEMY is to make every skills and trade ‘learnable’ to be there. So trust me any skill you can think of will be there.

BN: From your response Sir, plans for the Academy are still in incubation right?

OMA: We have all set already, anticipating launch.

BN: Do you have any other plans in the crypto space? Are you interested in anything else, or is your time devoted solely to what you do at OMAX?

OMA: Definitely, we are always ready to build and we are open for more ideas and innovation, as long as it solves problem and it’s profitable, you’d find us there!

BN: As an entrepreneur, how do you measure success?

OMA: I'd summarize with these questions;
1. Are you solving a problem?
2. Are you making progress?
3. Are you profitable ?

If your response is Yes for these questions, then You’re making great success.

BN: This is golden Sir. Thank you so much.

BN: Let's unwind a but from work. Tell us about your personal life and relationship

OMA: I’m a very social person, I have good relationships with people, I don’t fight, I don’t look for trouble.

BN: What’s your personal manner for balancing work, studying Law and life?

OMA: Well, there’s time for everything.
I use a convenient working structure for my business that won’t affect my studies.

BN: As a Student leader, what was the hardest decision you have taken?

OMA: The hardest decision I made was when I took the oath of leadership to serve Students of the University of Ibadan (Uites). No other decision can be harder than this promise to serve, which though it’s hard, I find easy for me due to my keen interest in service to humanity.

BN: What is your advice to fellow young Entrepreneurs?

OMA: Well, I’m a young entrepreneur too,
So I advice that we keep putting in all our efforts in what we do, make more research, network and we should always seek help whenever it’s necessary. 

And to budding entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs in making);
In the words of Robert Kiyosaki; ‘whatever is worth doing well is also worth doing poorly’ hence, they should not be afraid to fail, first start is always tiring but with Hardwork and continuous efforts comes Growth and Clarity.

BN: Finally Sir, do you think or see Crypto as a 'get-rich-quick asset' like the average person thinks it is?

OMA: Not at all.
Crypto is not designed to make you rich quickly.
In fact, if you’re not careful enough it might be a ‘quick loss money asset’ for you lol.
Before you get into crypto, learn fully how it works.

BN: Hmmm.
Thank you so much sir for these words of wisdom! We appreciate your time and don't take it for granted.

OMA: You're welcome!