15 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With 50,000 Naira in Nigeria

Businesses You Can Start With Less than 50,000 Naira in Nigeria

In this article I have compiled a list of lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria with less than ₦50,000 and make substantial amount of money from it if done adequately.

Many millionaires in Business in Nigeria today started with small amounts of money as beginners and today they have become the big names we mention all over Africa when it comes to business.

You can also start something now and become a great business man or woman tomorrow, remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. If you're interested in taking that first step in owning your business then this article is for you, just read carefully as I show you some businesses you can start in Nigeria with as low as ₦10,000, ₦20,000 , ₦30,000 , ₦40,000.

The current situation of the country has Prompted many Nigerians to start their own businesses. Many people have wondered if one can really start up a business in Nigeria with less than 50k. The answer is YES you can.

15 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With 50,000 Naira in Nigeria

Profitable Businesses you can start With 10k 20k 30k 40k In Nigeria

  1. Sales of Bottled drinks or bottled water
  2. Popcorn Production Business
  3. Downloading Of Music/Games To Phones & Flashing Of Phones Business
  4. Selling Of Mobile Phones
  5. Phone Accessories Business
  6. Fast-food Business
  7. Laundry Business
  8. Fish Fingerlings Production Business
  9. Recharge Card Distribution Business
  10. Livestock Poultry Business
  11. Mini Importation Business
  12. Shawarma/Barbecue Business
  13. Plantain Chips Business
  14. Iced Block Production Business
  15. Production of Candle Business

1. Selling bottled drinks or bottled water

Selling bottle drinks and water could be a massively profitable business, as a result of it's daily consumption and demand, if you're in an exceedingly very populated State or cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Onitsha, etc then you'll be able to contemplate this business. You'll be able to begin this business with simply #10,000 or less.

You may ask Is selling drinks profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, sales of soft drinks business is very profitable in Nigeria whether you are starting the business as a soft drinks distributor or as a soft drink retailer in Nigeria. Cold soft drinks are in high demand especially during hot afternoons. 

How much does it cost to start a drink business in Nigeria?

With as little as #10,000 naira, you can start a soft drinks Business in Nigeria. The amount of money required to start a soft drink Business is dependent on whether you choose to operate on a big or small scale. However, it is important to state that the more capital you put into it, the more revenue you will earn.

How to Start Soft drinks Business in Nigeria

In an exceedingly busy area like industrial bus depot, purchase an enormous cooler, associate umbrella, iced block, a little wooden plank or cardboard to write down purchase minerals and cold water here. Alongside, you can even embody recharge card sales to that, the ₦10,000 is certain of covering each. The bottled drink and water can given to you on credit if you make agreement with the wholesaler to pay after sales.

How do I become a drink distributor in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, there are many soft drinks distributors. To become a drink distributor, you need to apply for distributorship rights from any soft drink company of your choice. You also need to look out for the rate of acceptance and consumption of the company's drinks. 

2. Popcorn Production Business

People purchase snacks everyday all over the world and popcorn is one amongst the foremost merchandising snacks, because individuals eat it in their home, on the road, in their shops, vehicle and even within the cinemas. 

Starting popcorn business in Nigeria doesn’t necessarily require a store to begin. In most cases it solely needs associate exposed setting.
Popcorn business has no gender discrimination and if you get the correct tools for popcorn, the business is completely stress free, conjointly you'll be able to be creating smart quantity of cash daily if you're in an exceedingly busy location.

How to Start Popcorn Business in Nigeria

You can start a Popcorn Business in Nigeria with as low as 10,000 Naira. All you need is to purchase a popcorn machine, Corn, Butter, oil, Sugar, Salt, Flavor nylon, milk powder. 
Get a location on a very busy road, industrial bus depot or market.

You don’t have to be compelled to rent a store, you can partner with somebody in his/her kiosk since you won’t be worrying them otherwise you can get associate umbrella, finish off any free area in an exceedingly busy space and begin your business. In some cases you'll be needed to pay some token quantity to the authorities council to begin your business in some space. it'll not be over ₦2,000.

3. Downloading Of Music/Games To Phones & Flashing Of Phones Business

Do you have a laptop? If affirmative, this can be the correct time to form smart use of it. Individuals wish to possess the newest music audio or video on their phones outside downloading, phones get infected with viruses daily, there's no approach a pandemic infected phone owner wouldn't wish to flash the phone in different to figure well once more, this can be wherever you comes in, you'll be able to do phone flashing, music and games downloading, and app downloading conjointly along at constant time and this business doesn’t needed a store.

You can begin this right within the front of your house by getting your table, chair and your laptop computer, get 2 speakers and connect them to your laptop computer, get an apparent board and write "transfer Music, Games, Bible, Quran, & Flash Your Phone Here”; now watch how individuals will be waking you up within the morning with their phones! This business thrives and moves no matter what location you are.

If you've got no rival in you location you'll be able to be charging #2,500 for simply phone flashing and #500 and additional for games, music, bible and Koran downloading. This business doesn’t need you to shop for or sell something, you're simply creating the money to yourself while not shopping for any issue.

4. Selling Of Mobile Phones.

People purchase phones daily and can still purchase tomorrow and will still Continue to purchase. With #50,000 you can start a phone selling business in any city in Nigeria.

You can begin this business right from the front of your house or at any busy road or perhaps busy railway if you're in the city. 

5. Phone Accessories Business

Phone accessories include things like phone chargers, air pies, USB drive, memory card etc.
People develop problems with their phone accessories daily principally chargers. This business is extremely profitable if you're in an exceedingly busy location. Beginning this business isn't expensive, you'll be able to begin this business with #20,000 naira.

If you're prepared for this business you'll be able to partner with any body that sell phones, or perhaps if you're in city and close to laptop village you'll be able to take them to any free area and arrange your phone accessories there.

6. FastFood Business

I know you eat, and you recognize I conjointly eat. However, not everyone has the culinary skills required to prepare the kind of wonderful dishes they desire to eat. Also, People who are mandated to get to work so early may not have the luxury of time to prepare breakfast, hence they need a fast food restaurant to get breakfast. Or at work, they need lunch and sometimes dinner also. 

With about #20,000 - #50,000, you can begin a Fast food Business in Nigeria.

You have to package yourself and food items so you can even deliver to corporate offices, banks, shops at the break time; saving them the stress and time of going on a resolute search for food. They'll definitely appreciate you and simultaneously you are creating cash for yourself.

7. Laundry Business

You can begin a Laundry Business in Nigeria right from your home with about 50,000 naira. If you don’t have cash to buy a washing machine yet you can use your hand for the laundry and iron them. I'm certain you've got a pressing iron already. If you've got cash, rent a shop, furnish it well, print a large banner to inform the public about your laundry Business and buy a washing machine.

8. Fish Fingerlings Production Business

Have you seen catfish before? the baby of a catfish is named fingerlings. If you're someone that likes agriculture like farming, then you'll be able to venture into this business because it terribly moneymaking however it needs some skills. Well, the internet has a lot of resource, you can use YouTube videos or Nairaland to get information on How to begin a Fish Farming Business in Nigeria.

This business is moneymaking, you'll be able to make up to fifty thousand naira in your 1st production.

9. Recharge Card Distribution Business

Even when you don't have any money, you can begin Recharge Card Distribution Business in Nigeria.
To begin this business if you've got a bulk vender that trust you, you can request for cards and then settle and agreement to pay when you have completed the sales. 

10. Shawarma/Barbecue Business

This is another business you'll be able to start with a little capital in Nigeria and be getting some cool money daily. Shawarma is consumed daily. Some folks like buying barbecue or Shawarma when drinking at beer parlours and some like buying from Shop stands for his or her family. The correct place for this business could be a front of beer parlour, or club.

You can begin Shawarma or barbecue business with as low as 20k.

11. Live Stock Poultry Business

Agriculture products are expensive in Nigeria because business men don’t put much importance on it. You can begin poultry farming right in your backyard. You can buy or contract a carpenter to build a big cage that can contain up to 10 chickens, and in just 5 months you can start selling them for 8,000 naira each especially in Seasons of celebration like Christmas, Easter, etc. with 40,000 you can start this business comfortably on a small scale.

12. Mini Importation Business

Nigeria depends so much on importation, it is a shocking thing that Nigeria import matches and tooth picks, but we can’t do without them, so since we are not ready to produce them we have to keep importing this stuffs. 

There are so many items out there to import that will interest Nigerians. In an interview with a Nigerian importer, he stated that importation business is lucrative and every Nigerian who know how to go about it is sure of being a millionaire in nearest future.

According to him, he noted that importation business can be started with #20,000 to #50,000 and be sure of making #150,000 monthly, if importing the right products. You can start importation business while you are in Nigeria, Alaba International Market is the answer, go on alibaba and search for a cheap item of $2 – $3 and import 10 pies of it. Hiding camera,s fancy phone cases, Bluetooth speakers and some other stuff like this are best for mini importation. You can meet with retailers to supply them in wholesale price when they arrived, or sell them online on olx, jumia, konga or jiji.

13. Plantain Chips Business

This is what I enjoy eating mostly when I am travelling, people eat this every day, it a chips that is commonly every where.You can start this business as a company by packaging it in advance way and putting label on it just as the once you see in Lagos. If you are doing it the right way you will get retailers coming to buy from you every day to resell. You can start producing your own and sell to those guys selling along express and people selling in shop. You can start this business with 50k.

14. Iced Block Production Business

Nigeria electricity condition is getting worst every day and people need cold drinks and water, you can be of help and make money with this. Iike you already have a freezer you can start producing iced block and sell to people who are selling drinks and water. The only important thing this business requires is a freezer and Better generator with water.

15. Production Of Candle Business

I don’t know more about this but my research shows it a lucrative business that has no stress, and with 50k you can start this business comfortably. With poor power supply in the country, there is no doubt that production of candlestick is still a money-spinner. A sizable group of Nigerians rely solely on candle to battle the erratic power supply. With #10,000 you can have a candle mould, which produces 16 candle sticks at a time and go about 50 times a day translating into 800 per day. This is a situation when you are starting with #20,000 to #25,000.

According to my recent research, to produce 16 pieces of candle does not take more than 10 minutes, all you need to do melt the wax, put in your mould, in 5 minutes after, put in another wax, which you must have melted, while the previous one congeals and you go on and on.

The requirements to start this business are Wax #1,000, mold cost #30,000, Thread #1,000, Packaging Nylons #1,500, heat source #600, Bowl, Ceiling Machine #2,000 and logistics.

This are the profitable business to start with 10,000 – 50,000 Naira in Nigeria, feel free to leave your question or request with the comment box.