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Abimbola Ojo, popularly known as Elizavocat, is a Nigerian gospel singer and a seasoned broadcaster Known for her creativity, uniqueness and dynamism in her music ministrations. She is a proud member of the Celestial Church of Christ Family (CCC).

The fast rising gospel Singer, Abimbola Ojo is a skilled worship minister, Pianist, award winning brand influencer, OAP and content creator. She is known for her powerful chants who have inspired many viewers all over the world through the internet. 

Abimbola Ojo, who is frequently seen playing the keyboard while singing and ministering claims playing the keyboard is one of her God's given talents and she is so excited about it. 

Abimbola Ojo Wikipedia Profile Summary

Full Name: Abimbola Ojo
Stage Name: Elizavocat
Date of Birth: May 3rd, 
State: Ibadan, Oyo State.
Alma mater: The Polytechnic Ibadan
Course: Mass Communication
Profession: Gospel Singer, songwriter, Broadcaster, Brand Influencer.
Networth: Not Estimated yet
Parents: Mr & Mrs. Ojo

In an interview captured on Moretunez, Abimbola Ojo shared her inspiring and touching story on her path to the spotlight. She said "When I started it didn’t make sense, it was more or less like I was blabbing and wasting my time. I never believed in myself however I never made the mistake of thinking I was doing it all for money".

Abimbola Ojo narrated she received an offer at a point in her life when she was really down and was about giving up on her broadcasting career since nothing was coming forth from it. Her then boss, Dr. Bayo Faleke introduced her to a particular Organization to be their Spokesperson. 

Abimbola Ojo is Known for RHOWS (Request a Hymn or Worship Song). RHOWS is a worship and hymn request platform where people request for a Musical or keyboard rendition of a Hymn or Worship Song in a Live connect with Elizavocat.

Abimbola Ojo Elizavocat Instagram account has over 60,000 followers and she's also an Instagram Influencer and brand ambassador.

Abimbola Ojo Elizavocat Songs

  • Oruko re (His Name)
  • Motipinu

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