Toyin Omotoso Biography, CEO Expertnaire

Toyin Omotoso is a Nigerian internet marketer, affiliate marketer, and business consultant who is the founder of the famous affiliate program - Expertnaire. He is a direct response marketer and consultant in transforming promotions into profits.

Journey to Expertnaire

Toyin Omotoso wanted a better life for himself. This drove him to evaluate various approaches to making money online including blogging, forum marketing, information marketing, Clickbank, and a lot more from 2006 to 2008. He wasted a large chunk of money and resources attempting to sort out some way to bring in money from the internet consistently.

When Toyin began learning internet marketing, he had no personal computer. He had nothing asides from his $6 (₦2,000 as and then) month-to-month pocket cash.

Indeed, he likewise had a CD loaded up with free eBooks on internet marketing that he purchased for N700 ($2+).

To access the CD, Toyin needed to go to a companion of his who owned a computer at weekends whenever there was power.

Then, he would spend most of his pocket money at the Cybercafé to practice the things he learned from the CD.

Eventually, he wound up between a rock and a hard place financially to pay at the Cybercafé, so he immediately made top attendants at 2 Cybercafés in school his friends. It opened up the way to unlimited free browsing access.

From visiting the Cybercafé consistently, he discovered some ways to do a ton of things.

For instance, to utilize automated assistants, he would go into the HTML of a webpage to figure out what was working and continue to test until he got it.

Meanwhile, the only HTML he knew were the fundamentals he gained from one of the eBooks on the CD. He figured out how to compose decent copy by rewriting some of the copies he saw online.

With a hand from a medical student online, he figured out how to design a website utilizing FrontPage also from the cybercafé. This was not free as he paid ₦5,000 for the 5-hour web design training.

As for the rest of his digital marketing strides, he figured them generally all alone.

After much determination and effort, Toyin Omotosho made his most memorable N1m on the web (in no less than a month) in 2011. This was after he paid to attend Dr. Sunny Obeazu Ojeagbase's seminar in 2010.

Toyin Omotoso, Expertnaire

Expertnaire built on the groundwork of experience infused to come by the results of numerous years was launched in 2018. It is a platform that connects digital product creators with affiliate marketers who assume the obligations of selling the products. While individuals make it happen, it probably won't be inappropriate to say that Expertnaire is the Clickbank of Nigeria.

Toyin Omotoso Courses, Books, and PDF

Toyin Omotoso has three products on the Expertnaire platform. The first is the well-known or overhyped 72ig income program which is in PDF and Video content.

Toyin Omotoso Expertnaire's course called the 72ig program contains the essential tools needed to build a strong web-based business, become more strategic in promoting digital products, and become a potential millionaire on arrival.

72ig Income Program

After Expertnaire was launched in 2018, Toyin figured that many individuals who needed to bring in money through affiliate advertising didn't have the foggiest idea how.

Toyin Omotoso given his over 10 years of sales and marketing experience made the 72IG web-based training to teach individuals how to sell online.

The 72ig internet-based course comprises training videos, PDFs, and weekly mentorship online classes. Students of the 72ig program, in addition, get a year of free access to the Expertnaire marketplace as an affiliate. That way, new students do not need to pay an additional N10k for enrollment as an affiliate on Expertnaire.

Also, they can start to put what they are gaining from the 72ig course about selling digital products to use immediately. Large numbers of the students who take the 72ig training course like to begin selling 72ig before moving to different ones since many Nigerians want to make money online.

Since he launched this course, many individuals who have sold nothing on the web initially are selling online successfully.

Sales and Marketing Package

Toyin Omotoso's second product on the Expertnaire platform is called Sales and Marketing Package. This course delivers resources he has used over the years that have made him successful in internet marketing. 

Step by Step instructions to Turn Yourself into a Live Breathing Cash Machine By Toyin Omotoso

Coupling every one of the long periods of learning and applications with results to show forward, Toyin composed another momentous book which just seems OK to read to get a mind shift for being a "NetPreneur".

 While the book won't make you an overnight success because no book can do that, the book is poised to impact your mentality to accomplish what you have thought to be impossible.

Toyin Omotoso Blog

Toyin has a blog where he teaches his followers about life, business, and marketing. The blog is

Toyin Omotoso Net Worth

His estimated net worth would be around N216,000,000 - 360,000,000 per annum from Expertnaire, without considering his side businesses like the Real Estate Business.

Toyin Omotoso Personal Life

Toyin Omotosho keeps details concerning his life and family private. His age and date of birth are unknown.