Remedy Nwankwo 'The Zaddy of Abuja' Biography

Remedy Nwankwo

Remedy Nwankwo is a successful blogger. He teaches people how to build a profitable blog. He is also a content publisher at Google AdSense. He's the founder of Skillar Academy, a recognized online learning platform for Nigerians.

The Zaddy of Abuja is a certified lawyer. He's presently an Associate Member Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators, Nigeria.

Remedy Nwankwo Early Life

Remedy Nwankwo, the first son of his family started in his birthplace Ebonyi State located in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Remedy Nwankwo had a humble beginning. His parents were incapable to put him and his siblings through school. This motivated him to leave his birthplace, Ebonyi state in search of greener pastures.

He journeyed from Ebonyi to Anambra state where he started hustling on the streets. He hawked goods and engaged in several slavish jobs just to raise enough money to further his studies.

After 2 years of hustling, he relocated to Ebonyi state where he registered and passed WAEC and JAMB. He then applied for admission to Ebonyi state university and was admitted to read Law. He graduated in 2017.

Remedy Nwankwo Blogging Career

Remedy's journey to blogging is such an intriguing one of great resilience and determination.

In a bid to generate income to finance himself through school, Remedy traveled from his school in Ebonyi to Enugu state, precisely Nsukka to acquire what's known to be his first digital skill in 2013- Recharge Card printing. Remedy paid 10k for the training.

According to him, he impersonated to be a UNN student just to have a roof over his head during the period of the training since he couldn’t afford a hotel.

Upon his return to campus, Remedy became a successful recharge card dealer. His business started booming until he was scammed of all the money he made from his recharge card business. It took courage and great innovation to raise money to pay his second-year school fees.

To relieve himself of the struggle to make ends meet, Remedy Nwankwo started applying for scholarships which proved futile. He wasn't selected as a beneficiary of any scholarship even after about 14 applications. He then delved into scholarship application formats which pulled him out of Ebonyi to Edo state.

Through the assistance of an expert, he wrote yet another scholarship application and was eventually picked for Chevron/ NNPC scholarship. Before he secured this scholarship, he had helped numerous students in his school to secure scholarships.

With his knowledge about scholarships and how to secure them, he launched his official This assisted many Nigerian students to get scholarships.

He started putting up posts tailored to help students that need national and international scholarships. This attracted a lot of people to his blog. He monetized the blog and the rest they say is history.

As of the 22nd of December, Remedy makes an average of $50k per month on one of his websites but he earns millions per month through the internet. Despite his loss of about 27 million in crypto, Remedy is still scaling high in blogging.

Remedy Nwankwo Digital Skills

Asides from blogging, Remedy has other Digital skills that constantly pour money into his pocket.


Remedy Nwankwo is an established YouTuber who shares resourceful, and life-changing videos on his channel. He teaches his subscribers how to become professionals in blogging. He shares tips that can make a newbie a professional blogger in the space of 2-3 months.

In addition, Remedy Nwankwo teaches his followers how to optimize their Google AdSense account to start making over 3k per month. Remedy Nwankwo is selfless as he creates and shares these videos on his channel all for free.

Uber Driver

Remedy Nwankwo drives for money or maybe passion. He's a bolt driver in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. With his Mercedes GLK Benz, he picks passengers from different locations in Abuja. However, it isn't known if truly he does this for money or pleasure.


Blogging again? Yes!

Remedy Nwankwo has taken to mentoring newbie bloggers to have a profitable blog. He has guided many bloggers to become millionaires as his knowledge isn’t restricted to himself. He does this for 500,000 Naira which is currently $1000+. This might feel huge but after his mentorship, his Mentees will earn even more if they can be consistent and diligent to put all they learn to use.

Among a host of others, Remedy has been able to mentor Golden Enudi who made her first million in her first month of blogging, and Kel Armstrong Amobi who makes over $1k per day on his blog.

Remedy also makes money from Affiliate marketing, and Google AdSense optimization.

He has a book you may want to get and read if you're a blogger- Fundamentals of Niche Blogging.

Remedy Nwankwo Net worth

Remedy Nwankwo

Remedy Nwankwo's net worth is presently unknown. However, it is known that he earns a fortune from his websites daily. He is only suspected to have a net worth presumably near to a million dollars.

The Zaddy of Abuja

Remedy refers to himself as, "The Zaddy of Abuja". Some of his followers also address him as "the sugar daddy of Abuja".

In a bid to explain how he came about the nickname he said, "Many of you don’t know why I’m called the Zaddy of Abuja.

It’s unconnected to the infamous promiscuity conventionally associated with the title. Nothing is conventional about me. My Zaddyship is in the roles I play in the lives of people around me.

It’s in the knowledge I give.

It's in the guidance I provide.

It’s in the push I give to my friends to be better.

It's in the love and care I give and receive".

Remedy Nwankwo Relationship

Remedy Nwankwo isn't married yet. However, he's suspected to be in a relationship with Lami Tanko, a brand influencer as they're very close.

Remedy Nwankwo Social Media

Remedy takes to his Facebook page to share inspiring and thoughts- provoking ideas with his followers. You may need to scroll down his timeline.