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Omotara Akanni 'Motara' Biography: Age, Net Worth, Mocking Beggar Video, Career, Instagram, Brother, Twitter, Boyfriend

Omotara Akanni popularly known as Motara (Motaraa) or TheLadyMotara is a Nigerian socialite, actress, content creator, Entrepreneur and social media influencer. She has featured in series of comedy skits. Motara was born in 1995 in Ibadan, Oyo State. Motara in an interview revealed her father left them when she was 6. Her mother was a hawker.

She became one of the most talked-about Nigerian influencers in late November 2020, after the video of her mocking a child beggar with a Fearless energy drink while inside a car went viral.

Omotara Akanni is the Co-Founder of Fly Fitness Factory, a gym and fitness company located at Ariwola House, Sango-Eleyele Road, Ibadan

According to the Founder of Fly Fitness Gym, Bolarinwa Kashif, Fly Fitness Gym is a Fitness, Yog and games training facility which goes beyond profit maximization, but to give individuals a chance to transform their lives by living healthy.

Motara Wiki Profile.

Name: Motara
Real Name: Omotara Akanni
Date of Birth: 27 October 1995
Age: 26 years 
State of Origin: Ibadan, Oyo State
Tribe: Yoruba
Occupation: Social media influencer and Entrepreneur
Net Worth: Unknown

Early Life

Motara was born and raised in a small village in Ibadan by her mother who wasn’t financially buoyant. Motara was forced to face a bit of difficulty while growing up.

She explained in several cases through series of tweets and posts that she wasn’t brought up in poverty but 'poorverty'.

Her mother was a hawker who did all she could to make sure Motara and her brother were okay on their level since her father abandoned them while she was just 6 years of age.

Educational Background

Motara had her primary and secondary school education in Ibadan in Oyo State.
She later furthered to study Microbiology at the Ibadan Polytechnic . She completed her NYSC program in November 2019.


Omotara, while studying got herself involved in several social activities including influencing. She became respected as her background was always dished out on social media through her tweets.
She was classed as one of the Nigerian influencers (women) with the ability to make an impact in the new generation. She has thousands of followers across twitter and Instagram.

Through these, she has achieved a lot of deals ranging from ambassadorial deals to being part of big organizations.

She is currently a brand Ambassador for CountryHill Affordable Luxury Homes, a real estate and investment company

Motara has utilized her social media platforms to campaign for a better life for the poor and the girl child. She has also campaigned against rape.

In 2020, Motara was involved in the End SARS campaign against police brutality.

As an actress, Motara has featured in series of comedy skits.

Motara Instagram

Motara Instagram handle is @motaraaa


The 26-year-old Omotara Akanni's feat staggered in late November 2020 when she posted a video of her mocking a child beggar claiming it was for fun purposes on her WhatsApp. The video immediately received unhealthy criticism from her contacts.

Due to the backlashes, she rapidly took down the video, shortly after the video was taken down, it surfaced on Twitter. The video immediately became a global matter as it was tagged “Inhuman and go against the moral stand of the society.”

The viral video trended nationwide and also trended in other countries including the United States Of America (USA) and France amongst others.

The video was also featured on top websites such as BBC and Worldstarhiphop.

Due to the video going against every moral standard globally and much criticism, Motara lost most of her endorsement deals and was lifted off most of her jobs. Her Twitter account @Motaraaa was also suspended.

Motara apologized later for actions. She even opened another Twitter account @motaraaaa1 to apologize.
She said no amount of money she would have given the beggar would make up for her actions against the girl. She also told BBC pidgin that she has been going back there to look for the girl but couldn’t find her.

Motara lost her endorsement with a soda company. While Brothers Keeper energy drink company criticized her actions.


Motara Net Worth is currently unknown

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