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Olumide Gbenro is a notable remote work influencer and digital nomad community builder. He is a recognized international social media advisor to celebrities, influencers, and Olympians.

He’s also a notable TikToker in Indonesia known for his viral videos where he speaks several languages. He is a multilingual businessman who has worked to grow & monetize the brands of some of the world's leading Entrepreneurs, and Startups.

Olumide has built a global network of influence from his personal brand that spans every continent. The average net worth of the companies he has worked with is over $4 million and the net worth of his elite network of investors is in the billions.

His influencer & business networking events attract diverse audiences and take place in various international locations ranging from Tokyo, Japan to Los Angeles, California and Bali, Indonesia. His relationships with major networks of influence in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa provide the resources needed to help any of his clients gain the notoriety needed to take their game to the next level anywhere in the world.

Olumide Gbenro is founder of Globoversity and Globo Media Marketing. Well known for his vast network of highly influential leaders, he connects powerful leaders together to magnify their presence through earned press and media.

He is a sought after NFT advisor known for being super connected in the industry with access to world class artists, Web3 developers, and the best influencers in the space.

Olumide is also one of the most recognizable NFT content creators in the world. With an audience across social totaling over 600,000, he will have the attention of the NFT world for years to come.

He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and recently on CNBC to over 500,000 in their exclusive series “CNBC Make It” for advocating for digital nomad visas and his continuing work to create sustainable global citizens that give back to the local communities.

Today he is helping governments, cities and organizations attract digital nomads and become better prepared for the future of remote work, today.

Olumide Gbenro is based in Bali, Indonesia and has been seen by millions on television and social media across South East Asia.

Olumide Gbenro Net worth: Olumide Gbenro’s networth is over $4million

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