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Who Kelly Bhadie Is And Why She Is Trending On TikTok

Kelly Bhadie

A young Togolese girl, Kelly Bhadie, has gone viral on TikTok with a video that appeared to show her twisting, shaking, and whining her waist, including bouncing her bumbum. She goes by the username of @Bhadie.Kellyy on TikTok had been trending for the past 3 to 4 days.

She has become an internet sensation as many men on the app are busy drooling over her and her colleague ladies mimicking her dance moves. Her followers have skyrocketed from 356k followers to over 741k.

She has numerous clips of her displaying her sexy dance skills on her official TikTok account.

Bhadie Kelly, born on 2nd December, became famous after a video of her twerking in a light brown and multi-colored gown went viral even though she is not endowed with the best sexy dance moves. Many other ladies dance way better than her but are not noticeable.

According to a good number of the men who are drooling over her and reposting her videos, she is the most beautiful lady on earth. She also happens to be an Influencer who has Ambassadorial deals with companies and brands.

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Kelly is just a regular African lady who found happiness in twerking said in one of her videos that if she hugged a man, he would explode.

Kelly Bhadie is also a music lover based in the United States and according to a lady who claims to be her bestie, Kelly is just catching cruise with everyone on Tiktok.

She has stated on her original TikTok account that her only other accounts are @pyt.kellyy and @slayy.kellyy, in addition to @Bhadie.kellyy.

Kelly Bhadie Titkok: @Bhadie.kellyy
Kelly Bhadie Instagram: @slayy.kellyy 

Kelly Bhadie Titkok