"I Used to be terrible at Stand-up Comedy"—Tosin Aina (The Corporate Emcee)

Can you introduce yourself Sir?
Tosin Aina: Alright, My name is Oluwatosin Aina although must people know me as THE CORPORATE EMCEE. I’m a professional Master of ceremonies, a passionate young male who believes in community building and also a mental health advocate.

What Schools did you attend?
Tosin Aina: For my primary school I attended Omoyemi Nursery and Primary school, Iwalewa street Akure, Secondary had my jss1-jss3 at Aquinas College and my ss1-ss3 at Federal Government College Ikole Ekiti and later proceeded to the Obafemi Awolowo University.

Awesome! What did you study in OAU?
Tosin Aina: I studied civil engineering for 3 years but then I had to leave to go study psychology cause that’s where my heart led me. I’m in part 4 psychology now.

Hmmm Where your heart is😊
So why the MC business?
Tosin Aina: I’ve always loved speaking but I never really liked the idea of hosting event cause I thought I had to be a comedian to do that, I used to be terrible at stand up comedy though, but friends kept prompting me to try it out and also I was already getting pushed to host end of year party and fellowship (ECU) Events then due to the amazing reviews I eventually went to learn more abd I started taking it serious.

How many events have you hosted so far?
Tosin Aina: Honestly I’ve lost count 😂😂 I’m sure it’s over 300. Ranging from weddings to dinners to conferences to birthday parties, to book launching to hangouts and beach events to house parties even burial.

Whooosh😂🙌🏾🙌🏾 How do you get your clients? I'm not gonna steal them don't worry😂
Tosin Aina: 😂😂😂Nice one! Anyway, the secret is referrals and word of mouth. Basically people always give Amazing feedback and spread the good news of the THE CORPORATE EMCEE experience.

Alright! What challenges have you faced as an MC? Maybe while hosting an event, or convincing a client, or financially...
Tosin Aina: A lot actually. But one of the reoccurring challenges is people not taking MCs serious.

Do you mind explaining further?
Tosin Aina: Most people think the fact that you're an MC means, you're always a jovial and not-serious person.So when you're trying to talk about serious issues, they don't want to take it serious.

Even apart from stage performance, outside the stage... People don't take Master of Ceremonies seriously.

And sometimes, people don't take the MC work seriously. When you name a price, they begin to say "what's there", " Is it not to talk?"
Another challenge is people changing the terms of agreement and not being punctual.
Yeah, pretty much some of the challenges I've experienced.

Your last words as we wrap up the interview?
Tosin Aina: Well, I would to let anyone who is incline towards hosting, presenting or entertainment know that you don’t necessarily have to be born with the gifts to be good at it that’s not true for most people commit to it, learn aggressively (passionately) don’t be afraid to test the waters that’s how you grow. Allow me to say I’ve barely begun my journey.