Daniel Regha Biography

Who Is Daniel Regha, Bio, Meet The Popular Twitter Adviser

When it comes to remaining relevant on social media, Daniel Regha has proven that you can be a content creator of anything. Without a base, without any prior support, the ‘social media adviser’ has gotten the attention of thousands of Nigerians, including Davido and has climbed to over 55,000 followers on the platform.

He joined Twitter in January 2020 and his bio simply reads ‘somewhere in Nigeria’, making it even harder to know where exactly this ‘bag of advices’ came from.

Daniel Regha’s bio reads,

To whom it may concern, please don’t stress yourself, if my tweets or personality annoys you, kindly use the block button above. Goodbye in advance…

Who is Daniel Regha?

Daniel Regha is a fast rising Twitter Influencer and adviser. All he does on Twitter is to drop pieces of advice under the comment sections of almost Twitter users, including popular stars, such as: CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, Dj Cuppy, Zlatan Ibrahimović and many more.

Before Daniel Regha became a Twitter sensation, he was a popular commenter on popular Facebook blogs, Yabaleft and GistReel. He received too much backlashes and suddenly, he stopped commenting and moved straight to Twitter.

In his tweet, he hardly fails to add “no offense” at the end. He’s a real social media user and he’s currently in his middle 20s. Not much is known about Daniel Regha's private life because he distances his personal life from the public. 

Daniel Regha, the social media Influencer has gotten many Ambassadorial deals with companies and brands like Itel, Chipper Cash. He recently hinted the public of his New endorsement with VipVendors.ng, A Lagos based company that Sells Quality and Affordable iPhone & Samsung with warranty.

Daniel Regha discovered to be Secondary School teacher

The Controversial social media critic, Daniel Regha was discovered lately to be a teacher at a public secondary school.

The popular Twitter user who often criticises and dishes advise to Nigerian entertainers was captured on tape during one of his lessons in class.

This discovery was by a student who  had recorded the moment he was in the process of punishing a male student.

He could be seen holding a cane in one hand and his phone in the other while pacing around in the classroom.

Though the name of the school is yet to be known, the video of Regha as a teacher has surprisingly earned him appraisal from Nigerians.

Daniel Regha Networth

Daniel Regha's Estimated Networth is $50,000 because of his brand ambassadorship deals and Influence marketing.

Daniel Regha Instagram

The instagram handle of the controversial internet sensation, Daniel Regha is @danielregha

Daniel Regha Twitter

Daniel Regha's Twitter handle is @danielregha

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