How to Write Your Biography on Google

How to Write Your Biography on Google

Having your biography published on Google is easier than you might think. Writing your own biography is called an autobiography. When someone else writes your life story, it's a biography. So technically, any biography you write about yourself would be an autobiography, not a biography. Technicalities aside, having your biography picked up by Google will give you, your brand and Business worldwide exposure.

Know How to write a Biography For yourself using the steps probided below: 

Step 1
Begin by writing your life story in your word processing program or notepad. Web readers like detailed paragraphs, so make sure that each of your paragraphs has between 100 and 200 words for easy readability.

Step 2
Compile pictures into a folder and name them appropriately. "Jimsfirsttooth.jpg" is a more descriptive--and therefore better--name than "img-27.jpg."

Step 3
Click Here to Publish your biography on one of the many available publishing websites such as Biopreneur.
It is FREE for all to use. No need to worry about paying for plans or subscriptions.

Biopreneur is central place to collaborate, gather all the information from budding Entrepreneurs and Influencers, build the biographies together, and share with family.

Step 4
Wait a few days for your page to be "crawled" by the search engines, then search for your name on Google. If you highlight a few specific sentences in your article and use the "copy" and "paste" function to paste it into the search engine for an exact quote, you'll probably find yourself right at the top of the Google results.

And Boom! You have the exposure you need.

How to Write Your Biography on Google
By Lisa Russell