Toyosi Onayemi Biography (CEO ToyosiFilms)

For a mind that knows is a mind that is free. If you are good at what you do, you will not only dine with the kings but also have full access to them. Meet Toyosi E. Onayemi a seasoned photographer, artist, and writer with vast knowledge of artworks and good command of grammar in exploring the Immediate environment and solving specific problems relating to mankind with his skillset.

Toyosi Onayemi is a Creative designer, events photographer, Video creator,  Songwriter and one of Nigeria's best hyper-realistic colour pencil Visual artists.

He is the Founder and CEO of ToyosiFilms, a visual storytelling Brand. He is also a creative director at one of Nigeria's fast growing Branding, Media and Marketing Company, Centera Media.

At Parakletus Hub Nigeria, Toyosi Onayemi is the Head Of Media and Publicity operations.

In 2017, He started TheMedicArtist brand for Creating amazing visual art to be displayed in the homes of people.

Toyosi is a 300 level Physiology Student of the great and premier University of Ibadan under the faculty of Basic medical sciences. He was born on the 19th of November, 1998. Toyosi loves playing the guitar and piano, making music, listening to uplifting music, photography, storytelling via pictures, videos, writing, drawing, and looking at art. He is a lover of anything that deals with creativity.
He is a researcher, erudite, and an artist with a sound mind, a disciplined gentle man with a lionheart. He believes that life is a gift given to us by God. So we must cherish it and strive to make the absolute best out of it. God has deposited so much in us individually, and in that deposit are the gift that'll give us our best possible life. That is why we must strive to know God more and self-evaluate ourselves so that those heavenly benefits can indeed be discovered, activated, and harnessed.

Toyosi has been able to record remarkable achievements, some of his artworks have traveled internationally receiving awe and attention from various countries in Africa, Europe, America, and Asia. The mind-blowing one is the hyper-realistic artwork of the iconic
Steve Harvey which he made with color pencils. Steve Harvey, acknowledged it, retweeted, and encouraged him and another young artist. He has made several drawings that have been acknowledged by Jay Jay Okocha, Nathaniel Bassey, etc the most recent one is a drawing of Asa - a popular Nigerian soul singer, the drawing has commanded attention from far and near. Toyosi has also been able to compose several songs, gospel, of course, some of which have been sung in churches in different states.

The multi-talented artist was also nominated to participate in the YCWA (Young creatives and writers award) organized by Everyday chapter. After thorough scrutiny from the judges, Toyosi was among the top three selected and chosen to attend the event. The other two were Dame-Art and Ajadu-Draws. The two are some of the extremely talented artists we have in Nigeria.

Toyosi has also been interviewed by blogs, and part of his photography has been used by companies. startups, and blogs too.

The jaw-dropping one was when he was featured on, a popular blog/ news site. In his word of encouragement for people of like minds, he says "Find something worthy to live for and give it your best. In your pursuit, there'll be discouraging times... rest if you have to, but don't give up. Do you hear about the man that gave up? No why? Because he gave up. A lot of lives are tied to your success, keep moving. I am rooting for you, and God is counting on you.