Shofu Babalola Theophilus Biography

Shofu Babalola Theophilus, popularly known as Babs is a serial Entrepreneur, problem solver, a creative and Innovative business strategist. He has a special ability to strategically boost business growth using digital tools. He is a student of the Chemistry Department, University of Ibadan.

Babalola hails from Ogun state nigeria, and is the third child of his family.

On January 15th, 2019, he founded SB Fumigation Service, which he is the CEO after discovering series of bedbugs infestation in hostels on campus. He is also the producer of SB Super Insecticide, Quickie Kleen Toilet wash, Quickie Hand sanitizer and many more.

He is also the Founder of Preneurz Plug, a social community for entrepreneurs, whose aim is to connect entrepreneurs together, increase partnership with organizations by providing materials, tools for young entrepreneurs like him.

Due to sales challenges faced by entrepreneurs he created a marketplace for entrepreneurs known as SB Trade. This platform is available as a mobile app, group chat on Facebook and Telegram to help businesses sell their products.

Shofu, has been awarded twice as the entrepreneur of the year in the department of Chemistry University of Ibadan, due to his passion for entrepreneurship. Also he was awarded the most productive chemist by the Students Chemical Society of Nigeria (SCSN National). He has participated in series of seminars/workshops organised by DeMonfort University, Polymer Institute of Nigeria, Oyo State.

He is currently the President of Chem-intellect Society, University of Ibadan and also the developer of Chem-intellect mobile app.
Recently, Shofu Babalola Theophilus started Insight Radio, an online telecommunication agency.

Insight Radio is an online radio station focused on providing dependable and reliable information on sustainable environmental solutions, pest solutions including community news, talk shows, trainings and webinars across different countries encouraging conversations about issues that affect all. 

Insight Radio is targeted at demographics of between 18-55 years, and the entire spectrum of the socio – economic strata.