Kingsley Chukwuma Biography; Founder Leaders Fort Company

Kingsley Chukwuma

Kingsley Chukwuma, born on the 8th April, 1996, is a man of exceptional quality, impeccable interpersonal skill, perfect sense of judgment, industry and integrity, keen on organizational development and individual balance.

Kingsley Chukwuma is a Leadership Development Strategist. He helps young leaders optimize their leadership potential through clarity of purpose, and he has been doing this consistently over the last 8 years.

In 2020, he founded Leaders Fort Company, a world-class provider of leadership competency trainings and human capital development services. He serves as the CEO of the Company and sits on its Board alongside 4 incredible leaders. As a Conglomerate, Leaders Fort Company owns a School of Leadership and a Publishing Company. It also owns a Foundation - a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. 

By the year 2046, Leaders Fort Company has a mission to have raised 1 million leaders of industries through her subsidiaries. 

Kingsley currently serves as the Director of The Fort School of Leadership, a foremost learning hub established for immersive and comprehensive leadership and capacity development education, where he works with a team of 15 leaders to implement strategies for growth and smooth running of the School. Since beginning, the School of Leadership has reached 10,000+ young leaders with diverse leadership competencies across 4 continents; trained 130+ young leaders across Nigeria, Togo, Tanzania, Russia, Ghana and Kenya. 

In 2021, through the School of Leadership, 19 young leaders were able to win political elections, both campus-based and mainstream politics. There was a success rate of 100% as all these leaders won their respective elections.

He also serves as the Executive Director of Leaders Fort Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated towards educating and enlightening teenagers and youths in Africa about leadership competencies and its nexus with other areas of their individual and collective lives. 

He works as the Principal Consultant of Leaders Fort Publishing Company, a publishing brand that exists to cater for the need of writers with ideas and stories that the world should hear and read.

Kingsley Chukwuma

Kingsley is an author of 8 books focused on leadership and purpose. His most recent book, “From Ideation to Execution”, has helped many young leaders rightly form their ideas and successfully implement them.

He has a 5-year experience working professionally as a Secretary, having served as a Secretary and Personal Assistant to notable religious leaders. 

Through his experiences, he has been able to consult for various organizations in improving their team’s efficiency and driving exponential growth as a result. He has also helped virtual team leaders optimize their virtual teams. He offers clarity sessions for individuals who are looking to find their balance through clarity of purpose in our world.

As a student, Kingsley is currently a final year student of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he serves as the President, Faculty of the Social Sciences Students’ Association (FATSSSA). He has also served as a General Secretary of the same Association. He serves as the Administrative Secretary of the Council of Faculty Presidents, University of Ibadan and is an honourable member of the 9th Assembly, Students’ Representative Council, University of Ibadan.

He is a proud alumnus of the GOTNI Leadership Centre, a state-of-the-art Centre for excellence in leadership development.

He has been recognized severally for his passion in leadership and capacity development, with the most recent recognition being a top 5 finalist of the ELC Leadership Award.

As a visionary leader, Kingsley looks forward to a world where everyone is conscious of their purpose and leadership potential, maximizing it. He also wants to be a channel for creating opportunities for young people, particularly from Africa, who will in turn transform their communities and impact the world.

Kingsley Chukwuma