Godswill Oyor Biography (CEO Hyfex Capital)

Godswill Oyor, CEO Hyfex Capital, is known to be an expert at helping people safely invest in securities that bring steady dividends with minimal risks. Born on June 16th, 1991 into a Christian family of four, He’s a twin, with Michael Oyor the third child and Wisdom Oyor the last born.

Godswill is the convener of the League of Kingdompreneurs, a faith-based leadership network that seeks to empower the next generation of business leaders with tool resources and opportunities to achieve both personal and collective goal of their businesses and organizations.

Godswill Oyor is a Wealth Management Expert, Real Estate mogul, business associate, Lawyer, a Serial Entrepreneur and proficient trader in all financial equities with over 10 years of experience. He’s the Chief Wealth Officer of ADOM, a boutique wealth management service company that provides bespoke financial advisory and fund management solutions using its ACE proprietary technology. He is also an Evangelist and a renowned fervent worshipper known for his powerful spirit chants.

Prior to his Pioneering role at ADOM, Godswill Oyor has founded market leading companies in industry verticals like education, Real Estate, Media, Legaltech and Talent Management.

He is renowned for his avant garde views on the concept of wealth creation and the democratization of the know-how of sustainable wealth generation

His industry-changing approach to fund management with specific focus on risk parity and currency overlay has made him the go-to authority in the alternative asset management niche in sub-Saharan Africa

An avid early technology adopter, Godswill’s interest in technology is focused on the practical impact of new systems and their ability to enable products , services and new business models

Hyfex is a Professional Wealth Management Brand, one of Africa’s leading wealth and asset management companies. They work with clients to help them create lasting financial security. Whether they’re just starting out or have built up substantial assets. They help find the most appropriate solution through carefully curated professional investment services:

- Funds Management:

From investment and retirement planning to cash management and more, Hyfex brings a wealth of expertise to help clients reach their personal goals. Their investments are made safely across Forex, Agriculture, Real Estate and a suite of digital products.

- Coupon-shopping

Hyfex offers special discounts to all investors registered on our platform. These products range from landed properties, to automobiles and gadgets. They also train and mentor students on guidelines of forex trading and how to scale up successfully.


In 2008, Godswill Oyor and his twin brother, Lawrence Oyor gained admission into the University of Ibadan to study Law and they both graduated in 2013.

He’s a lover of God with an undying passion and hunger for God. His popularity is known by many youths around the country and around the world for His God given ability to infect people with this same hunger for God. His songs have infected many with an unusual level of hunger and passion for God.

His dad, Late Reverend Gomba Oyor was the Senior Pastor of “God Will Do It Ministries” located in Ibadan, a city in Oyo state in the western part of Nigeria.

Godswill Oyor is happily married to Mrs Toju Oyor who is also a Lawyer and their union is blessed with a son, Ezekiel.

Lawrence Oyor and Godswill Oyor both teamed up to start a global movement referred to as the “Davidic Ministrels“. Davidic Minstrels is a global movement, awakening hearts to worship and demonstrate the love and power of God. As a worship movement, David Minstrels is driven by the philosophy that worship is more than just strewn lyrics with harmonious rhythm.