Genoveva Umeh Biography

Genoveva Umeh, an indigine of Anambra State was born in Nigeria but later migrated to the United Kingdom with her family in 2006.

Genoveva’s father is a computer Engineer while her mum is a nurse. She has a 13 year old brother. 

Her parents were first generation immigrants and strongly believed in formal education. 
Genoveva Umeh attended St Mary’s C of E High School in London. She loved drama but she was skeptical about studying it as an undergraduate so she studied Law instead. 

At 17 she was accepted into Identity School of Acting, in the UK. She trained there for a term and was able to pay for her upkeep, as a retailer at Primark.

In 2014, Genoveva Umeh studied Law abroad. However, she had strong interests in pursuing an acting career but she didn’t want to for Nigeria in the midst of her studies.
She came back to Lagos in 2018 and officially started acting in 2019.

She said in an interview:
hardest decision was being away from my family and friends for long periods of time. I miss my little brother (sorry – teen brother), he better not catch me calling him little), as well as my two god-daughters. Thankfully, I am able to catch up with them via video calls. 
However, it is still a major adjustment, to be physically away from them. My family is proud of me and they understand my career. I have also had the honor of developing some lasting friendships in Nigeria, so I never feel too alone.”

Genoveva Umeh has starred in a number of popular and blockbuster Nollywood movies but it appears she didn’t get the shot at stardom until after Blood Sisters.

In Blameless (2019), Genoveva Umeh plays the role of Ezinne. She starred as a young lady in Love is War (2019). She starred in another short film titled “Lizard” (2020) where she played the role of Kafilat.

Genoveva Umeh also played the role of Anita in One Lagos Night (2021). In 2021, she starred in three more short films titled “Monitoring Spirits”, Reflections and Focus.

In Country Hard (2021) and All Good Things (2021), Genoveva Umeh plays the role of “Bunmi” and “Funmi.

And in 2022, Genoveva Umeh made her TV Debut with Netflix’s Blood Sister, starring as Timileyin Ademola.