Enioluwa Adeoluwa Biography (Lipgloss Boy)

Enioluwa Adeoluwa, popularly known as "Lipgloss Boy” or "Beauty Boy,”  has become one of the most popular influencers in Nigeria — and he's done so without conforming to the notions of masculinity or imposed limitations on what a man should be able to do. Enioluwa's insistence on this despite being criticized has made him one of the biggest beauty influencers in Nigeria and one of the few popular male beauty influencers from Nigeria.

Born on July 6, 1999 to Professor and Mrs. Adeoluwa, Erioluwa Adeoluwa hails from Ekiti State in the south-western part of Nigeria. He attended Cabataf Primary School for his Primary education and Preston International School for his Secondary School.

After a successful completion of his primary and secondary school education, He proceeded to the Ekiti State University where he graduated with a First Class degree in BA Media and Theatre Arts with a total Cummulative Grade Point (CGP) of 4.71 at age 19 and won the National Prize for the best Student director (NUTAF 2018) at age 18 making him the youngest recipient of these awards.

He studied for his Master's degree at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Athlantic University. He completed his Master's degree within 2020-2021 session and bagged a holder of MA in Maketing Communications

Enioluwa is a Nigerian stage and film director in Nigeria who grew up in Akure, Ondo state. Nigeria. He is often referred as the youngest Director in Nigeria after winning most outstanding director by the Nigerian Universities Theatre Arts Festival, 2019. 

The 22-Year-Old Erioluwa Adeoluwa is a public speaker and a media and communications specialist, he started writing as early as age 14.
He is also into fashion, skin care and beauty. He is the brain behind the Online show "The Late Night Show With Eni" where he interviews celebrities, entrepreneurs, and other influential people in Nigeria. The show holds on Fridays and the first person that was interviewed was Don Jazzy.

His opening to popularity began when he posted a video of himself on Instagram applying lip gloss in November 2020. The video quickly went viral. Today, Lipgloss Boy has over 335,000 followers on Instagram, more than 376,000 followers on TikTok, a late-night show, and he has worked with major international beauty companies.

Recently, Erioluwa was made the First Brand ambassador at Crocs. Crocs is an international unique brand with reach in about 80+ countries, that specializes in production and sales of comfortable foot wears (Crocs). According to their website, they have made and sold over 800 million pairs of shoes since 2002 when the brand kicked off. 
Enioluwa believes that there has been a generational change in the way social issues are dealt with, with younger generations becoming a lot more progressive. According to him, social media has played a key role in this shift. 

He has done so by challenging notions of masculinity in his videos, which offer makeup, skincare and fashion advice for men. Enioluwa’s success, in a country as conservative and homophobic as Nigeria, is impressive and unprecedented.

Today, with a global MAC Cosmetics campaign under his belt and a portfolio that includes companies like SAMSUNG, Bolt, ASUS, and so many more, this decision to go against the grain has led to the success of Enioluwa.

In 2019, just like the average Nigerian Graduate, he joined the search for a job on social media, with his outstanding personality as a young Nigerian, this made the internet and his followers proud of him. He also attended series of interviews.

Adeoluwa Enioluwa is a writer, a public speaker, art director, Media and communications specialist. He believes African millennials and generation are going to lead a tremendous impact on society and the world at large and takes keen interest to be a part of this impact.

As a marketing and growth specialist, he plays major roles in sustainable development and leadership that results in national socio-economic transformation and Nation building.

Enioluwa isn’t a stranger to homophobic comments and so has grown a thick skin. “Growing up, I heard worse things even when I wasn’t wearing makeup, just because I’m effeminate, and so why should I be bothered now?” Jameen, who has also been subject to homophobic comments from online trolls, does not mind if people presume he’s gay because he wears make-up. “I don’t care what people say about me or whatever opinion they have,” he says. “It is their opinion and it really doesn’t affect me. They might be right. They might be wrong. I am not looking for acceptance or validation from anybody.”