Chris Ani Biography

Chris Ani, the Founder of Digital Abundance, one of Nigeria’s foremost cryptocurrency training and education establishments, is one young man who has put in unbelievable dedication, combination of foresight and hindsight garnished with risk-taking ability, to claw his way to the top of the food chain in the blockchain world. Just reading about how he got to the top of the tech-based business world is enough to revive the creative beast in any normal young Nigerian.

Who is Chris Ani?

Chris Ani hails from Enugu State, Nigeria though he grew up in Lagos. He is a multi-talented, serial entrepreneur who is never afraid to tread on new business territories even if it means taking an economically fatal risk. Chris is supernaturally gifted with the ability to turn ‘potbellies’ into ‘pregnancies’. This is a figurative way of explaining how he inspires young people who thought they had nothing to offer, into realizing that they were carrying great potentials inside them all along without realizing it until they met Chris. The name ‘Chris Ani’ has become a ‘spirit’ which combines ‘revival’ and ‘deliverance’ techniques to free thousands of Nigerian youth who had a lot of untapped ideas packed and stuck inside them (potbelly) in an inconveniencing manner only discover what they have been carrying inside them have suddenly become great potentials (pregnancy) waiting to storm the world.

Chris is also a devoted Christian and has made that aspect of his life a part of his journey to wealth. He is the Leader and Missionary at Chris Ani Ministries, an organization with focus on campus outreach missions, discipleship and leadership development, church planting, charity missions, global outreach and rural missions.



Chris grew up in Lagos, so it is no surprise that he had both his primary and secondary education in Nigeria’s commercial capital. He had his secondary education at the prestigious Lerato Comprehensive College, Meiran Ijaiye Ojokoro, Lagos State, Nigeria. He then proceeded to Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) where he earned a degree in Agriculture. The creative entrepreneur inside him led him to start a firm called Big Brains of Agriculture, primarily aimed at creating wealth through Agriculture. He encouraged a lot of youth to take up Agriculture as a profession, vocation, and life-time business before stepping down as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Big Brains for Agriculture. Chris believes acquiring a degree is a good thing but acquiring a skill is wise thing; the difference is certainly clear. So he moved into the business world in search of opportunities to take him to a height which his years in the university did not expose him to. That was how he encountered cryptocurrency trading and the rest, they say, is history.

Early life.

Chris had a very humble beginning and grew up in a Christian family where supportive parents prepared his mind to think beyond his certificate and conquer the world. As a secondary school boy when many were nursing traditional ambitions of becoming medical doctors and lawyers, Chris already had a giant spirit of entrepreneurship patiently quiet inside him, waiting for the ‘D’ Day. He knew early that life was beyond university degree and staying at home endlessly waiting to gain admission into Harvard, Oxford, University of Lagos (UNILAG) and other big-name universities would delay the giant creative beast inside him which might run out of patience with unnecessary delays. 

Being a humble young man with no iota of ego in him, Chris quickly dashed down to ESUT to acquire university education and move on with his mission to conquer the world and also create an empire of young millionaires. This is what he is accomplishing today. Chris’s father prepared his mind early in life to become a tech giant and even bought him a laptop at some point to get him going. 

Chris said in one of his whatsapp posts that he wished his father was alive to see what he had become today. Very correct; every dad would be proud of Chris especially based on the impact he has made in the lives of other people’s children, a number of whom have become millionaires under his watch. Yes, you heard right! Some young talents have become millionaires under his watch. If you read on you’ll find out how it happened through one of the greatest tech-based training platforms Nigeria has ever seen –

Entrepreneurship career.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has impacted the Nigerian society immensely through his mighty contributions towards training startups in the country. He began early in life to travel around the country speaking to young people about skills development and other inspirational topics. He was noted for visiting various universities across Nigeria for his inspirational coaching sessions with students. That was when the idea of raising an army of skills-hungry millionaires in Nigeria began.

In 2017, Chris founded the first bitcoin and crypto trading education platform in Nigeria, Cryptohub which now has membership and website visits from several nations across the world. He always made it clear that his primary goal was to educate the world about the new revolutionary system that had the potential to put back financial power into the hands of the people. CryptoHub is one of the many arms of Digital Abundance, a platform focused on Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency trading education. The Digital Abundance Business Academic (DABA) is one amazing platform which Chris has used to ‘magically’ turn young people into millionaires, some of them within a period as short as 30 days. Sounds strange but those who followed his teachings in succeeded in encountering life-changing wealth. is a place where highly skilled tutors train people across the world on important areas of the crypto world and other entrepreneurship skills. It is a platform which aims to equip African youth with digital high-income skills that will help them gain financial freedom. One of Chris’s books, Crypto 101: A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, is fast becoming one of the best-selling books on Cryptocurrency written by an African author.
Here’s how he became a blockchain king in Nigeria and this is an inspirational tip on how to steadfastly strive to achieve success in life. Sometime in 2016, Chris searched the internet expectantly for knowledge on every essential fact he needed about Bitcoin. That was when he stumbled upon Andreas Antonopoulos, an early Bitcoin advocate. Chris then devoted another 12 hours absorbing as much information about Bitcoin as he could from the internet after which he became a changed person. He then made the life-changing decision to buy his first Bitcoin but he didn’t even have the money at that time. Well, he is a typical example of what he always teaches, that money is never a stumbling block to wealth but mindset and determination. Chris got a loan of N200 thousand from a friend and bought his first Bitcoin at a time it was sold only around $600. The journey to the top began.

Chris Ani Crypto wanted to spread his knowledge about Bitcoin with others, so he started hosting local meetups around Lagos. That was when CryptoHub club came to reality as a platform that provides online courses about Crypto. Students would learn everything from the fundamentals of cryptocurrency to more advanced topics like learning how to day trade. Chris has written books on the topics of Bitcoin and Crypto. The impact he has made since his starting the Bitcoin education platform is huge. There’s this story of a guy who started off with $500 with the guidance of Chris, and turned it into over $2000 within a few months. That is the unbelievable transformational power of Daba.School. The whatsapp monetization course in this school has transformed several lives across the world. Chris never fails to let his students and several other wealth-hungry individuals know that bitcoin and blockchain technology will drive global economic revolution and social change. His unique strategies in using bitcoin and blockchain technology to spread digital abundance to millions of people across the world stands him out in Nigeria as a rare entrepreneur.
Chris has organized and attended several workshops and seminars on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across the world, making him a five-star general in the Nigerian community of crypto traders and blockchain entrepreneurs. He also won the 2020 edition of Binance Crypto Influencer award (Africa category).


Chris got married to Blessing Eboi Michael in a classy and luxury wedding held on the 11th  of March 2021 at Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Blessings is one of the leading female digital entrepreneurs in Lagos. Her wedding to Chris is a fortress to his digital empire, since both of them understand how to navigate through the cyber space perfectly well.