Ayobami Ajewole 'Woli Agba' Biography

Ayobami Ajewole, popularly known as Woli Agba is a musical artist and indigenous comedian. He is best known for his gospel-themed comedy which he performs using the Yoruba native dialect. He plays his comedy role alongside Olamide Oladimeji also known as Dele Omo Woli, Tunde Bolumole, Micheal Allen and some others. Ayobami is the founder and Daddy G.O. of the online church, Instagram Parish Ministry (IPM). His fondness for music is evident in his comic style which makes him unique and endearing to his audience. 

Early Life/Education

The Nigerian Comedian, Ayo Ajewole was born on the 20th of November 1982. He hails from Ijeda, Oriade Local Government Area in Ijesa, Osun State, Nigeria. He spent most of his childhood and teenage in Ibadan with his parents. He had tough experiences while growing up due to his background. In 1998, Ayo Ajewole attended Baptist Secondary School Oke-Ado Ibadan and graduated in 2004. He then proceeded to Lead City University for his undergraduate studies. He is a bona fide graduate of the department of Economics in the prestigious university.


Woli Agba asides being a comedian, is also a philanthropist who derives joy in making people happy and impacting them via his comedy, songs and dances. He refers to himself as “the prophet with the oil of gladness”.

Ayobami Ajewole started comedy since 2002 but it was as though his career would not see the light of the day then, because social media was yet to be in vogue. As soon as the use of social media gained popularity, a close friend of his introduced him to Instagram. He started working on it and decided to push his career to a higher level.

His journey to comedy started when his brother, Femi Ajewole shared a vision of dance-drama with him. Ayo Ajewole and his brother planned and formed a Christian comedy and dance group together where he, Ayo, played the role of Woli Agba in Alfa Sule.

He took part in movies such as; O ti Gan pa, Oruko Nla, Take heed, Alfa Sule and many more. Woli Agba has also acted and taken part in movies where he is been referred to as; JayJay, Chukwudi Omo Ibadan, Pastor Johnson, Baba Ijo and so on.

He became famous with his elder brother, Femi Ajewole after their joint Christian comedy and dances where he played the role of Woli Agba in Alfa Sule.

In 2018, Ayobami Ajewole founded a comedy school to groom young, aspiring comedians and to contribute his quota to the society.

Ayo Ajewole is also a good compere. Asides other various events, he performed at Laf Up Ibadan in 2019, which featured Dele Omo Woli and Nollywood actor, Muyiwa Ademola. When he is not singing or dancing, he watches TV programs.

He attributes his journey through the entertainment industry to the help and blessing received from God. Although, his style of comedy was being pirated at some point and that almost affected him, he was able to pull through and since then has been doing fine.

Some of his comedy videos are: Singles in Trouble, Birthday Celebration, Repented Assassin, Baba Ijo, Sunday service meeting, Corona Wedding, The cough saga, Finish him, Birthday Celebration, Fabricated begging.

Woli agba has to his name an album titled, ‘Oluwa Mi O Dide’, a Yoruba title which translates to ‘My Lord will rise’ in English. He released the album on 4th September 2018 under his solo record label, Woli Agba.

Woli Agba Personal Life & Family

On March 12th, 2015, Ayo Ajewole (Woli Agba) lost his dad to the cold hand of death. According to the information we gathered, the burial ceremony took event at Ibadan.

He got married to Princess Olaife Ajewole, a lawyer by profession in April 2017 after courting for about four years. Their meeting was such an interesting incidence because it was “marriage at first sight”. Ayo in an interview with Punch Nigeria mentioned that on the first day he set his eyes on her, he told her she would be his wife. He first met his wife at a church in Kogi State University, when his music group was invited for a ministration. 

In 2018, they welcomed their first baby and in 2021, their second baby.

Woli Agba’s Net Worth

According to our research, currently, there’s no amount estimated for Ayo Ajewole (Woli Agba) as his net worth. 

Woli Agba and Dele
Who is Dele Omo Woli to Woli Agba?

Olamide Oladimeji also known as Dele Omo Woli is an adept and meticulous drummer with a vast sense of humor. Aside from being an actor, he is also an On Air Personality and a content creator. His business-oriented acumen proves that he indeed studied Business Administration. 

Dele Omo Woli Agba as he is fondly called, got the name from his act with the founder of Instagram Parish Ministry, Woli Agba (Ayo Ajewole) which has been all over social media particularly Instagram. He has compered many programs and ceremonies like Ayo Ajewole.

Woli Agba Social Media Handles

Youtube: AyoAjewole Woliagba-YPM

Instagram: @woliagba_ayoajewole


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