Awolowo Oreoluwa Rachael Biography

Awolowo Oreoluwa Rachael (born on March 2nd, 1999) popularly known as Nora Awolowo is a Visual Storyteller, Nigerian film Director, Cinematographer, documentary Photographer, Producer and creative Director.
She was nominated for The Future Awards Africa in the Prize for Film category.

Nora is a passionate photographer and has worked with Lota Chukwu, Tecno Mobile, Five Cowries Initiative, Aramide, Zebra Stripes Networks, Demola Adedoyin, The Zebra Magazine, Life At The Bay (A documentary), Ijesu Festival, TVP Adventures, Discovery Quest, Ilaji Hotel/Resorts, Route A Initiative and recently produced a short film titled  SYMPHONIES.

Full Name: Nora Awolowo Rachael.
Date of Birth: March 2, 1999 (age 23)
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

University attended: Ekiti State University (Undergraduate)

Occupation: Nigerian film director, cinematographer, documentary photographer, producer and creative director

Known for: Life at the Bay, Symphonies, All Lives Matter, David, Baby Blues

Early life
Nora was born in Lagos, where she lived all her life and attended Primary and Secondary school, she studied Accounting at the Ekiti State University.
Oreoluwa started out with the goal of being an Accountant back then in school, but somehow fell in love with something else. She discovered photography and cinematography, and it became the center of her world. According to her, she has grown to love what she does and do not have any regrets making the switch.

Nora through the passion for directing, learned through online tutorials (self-taught). In 2019, her directed short documentary" Life at the Bay" was selected at the Africa International Film Festival. She has produced, directed films and documentaries such as Symphonies, Life At The Bay, David, Baby Blues and All Lives Matter.

Awards and nominations:
- The Royal African Awards by the Ooni of Ife 2022.
- The Future Awards Africa 2020: Prize for Film Nominated.
- Under 25 SME Awards 2019: Best Media and Communications Person .

Oreoluwa Awolowo's favourite quote is from Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. It says ‘in the future, there will be no female leaders; there will just be leaders’. 
The one thing that differentiates Oreoluwa is her ability to illuminate those around her. She has this energy that spills out and fills up the room. It is so contagious. You can’t be in her circle and not get influenced by this. She calls this Her Spark.

She has been very forthcoming in organizing capacity development training for women in her industry. She also creates spaces and platforms where they can connect and network. Oreoluwa believes that this way, we can help build competence among women.