Goodness Adeosun Biography

Goodness Adeosun is a 400 level student of Dental Surgery at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. She was born in Borno State, North East Nigeria, but she is an indigene of Ogun State.

Adeosun Goodness Taiye is the creative director of Gudie, a fast-rising handmade footwear brand in Ibadan; what she started as a pastime has transformed into a business entity which she hopes to grow to become a global brand, notwithstanding her busy schedule as a medical student.

She started crocheting shoes in 2016 and gradually got more insight into what she was doing.

Goodness started learning from a shoemaker in Ibadan and also learnt from the internet. She enrolled for an online course on how to make Italian shoes and as the years went by she started selling her works. 

According to her, Parental influence made her start shoemaking. 
"But I don’t regret it because I had nothing in mind to do. I was very versatile growing up so I was finding it difficult to decide on what I wanted to do. I had a passion for everything. I was advised to go into catering, food technology, and then art. We kept going around in circles. When it was time to take JAMB, I still did not know what I wanted to do but went with Dental Surgery."

She made gladiator designs at the time and university students loved it. They became her target audience and she made a lot of sales.

She has few employees and pay them not less than N50,000 monthly.

Adeosun Goodness Taiye was officially recognised at Orange Country’s 2021 MissTraders Entreprenship Awards Show.

At 22, the California legislature then showered her with accolades for bagging the award and for her ‘outstanding and inspiring contribution’ to Orange County.

According to her, she will probably abandon medical school and pursue shoe-making.

She envisions Guide as a household name in Nigeria. She looks forward to bringing a luxury brand out of Nigeria.


Who is Goodness Adeosun's Father? 

Goodness Adeosun's Father

Goodness Adeosun's Father is an Oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He was the Head Of Department of his department for 10 years before he retired. 
He is the chairman of Smile Train in some States in Northern Nigeria.
He has written more than 10 publications in both Local and International journals.

Dr. Adeosun has 5 beautiful daughters who are all Medical Students. He owns and runs one of the biggest hospitals in lokoja. 

In one of Goodness Adeosun's tweets, she says her dad is a prayerful father and he calls his daughters every weekend to pray for them.