Biography of Addie Kasali

Addie Kasali, popularly known as AK, is a Nigerian-based in the United States of America. She got married on the 25th January 2014. She juggles entrepreneurship with her 9-5 job in clinical research and she has a PhD in Pharmacology.

Addie Kasali is a great entrepreneur who sells fabrics in wholesale and teaches people how to make N1,000,000 monthly by selling beautiful fabrics using their smartphones. 

In the subsequent part of 2017, Addie felt there was further to life than being a mum, a wife and a clinical researcher. According to an interview by Smartpreneur, she sought God in prayer and was led to fabrics. This was where the desire to sell fabrics grew tremendously.
After getting an inspiration from God, she was advised to go to Dubai to buy some amount of fabrics. However, she could not sell much. 
One thing AK did was always run back to God for help. 
She was led to go to China where she addressed the selling fabrics business. 
At her early stage years of starting the business, her personal and family lives were affected. But, she sought help. She hired people to work for her in business and in taking care of her children. 

Addie Kasali makes a seven figure yearly from selling fabrics off her with the good use of social media.