15 Movies every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Movies Entrepreneur should watch

Most people love to watch movies as a form of entertainment. There are many different genres of movies available, so there is something for everyone. Movies can make you laugh, cry, feel scared, or even help you escape from reality for a few hours. They are also a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Studies have shown that watching movies can actually make you more creative. This is because movies often require you to think outside of the box in order to follow the story. As a result, you may find yourself coming up with new ideas and solutions that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Films about rich millionaires and successful businessmen appeal to various cult, especially when they portray real people and true events. But, indeed if watching a film about millionaires seems like just a affable pastime to us, it’s impossible not to be inspired by the abidance, drive, mulishness, and audacity of these people that led them to their success. Films about successful people inspire us to suppose about our resources and capabilities, stimulate action, and may indeed be the provocation for starting our own business.

Here are Top 15 Movies for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: 

1. The Big Short

Director: Adam McKay
Year: 2015
IMDb: 7.8

In 2008, Wall Street guru Michael Burry realizes that a number of subprime home loans are in danger of defaulting. Burry bets against the housing market by throwing more than $1 billion of his investors' money into credit default swaps. His actions attract the attention of banker Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling), hedge-fund specialist Mark Baum (Steve Carell) and other greedy opportunists. Together, these men make a fortune by taking full advantage of the impending economic collapse in America.

2. Moneyball 

Director: Bennett Miller
Year: 2011 
IMDb: 7.6 
Film Search: 7.7 

This sports biopic featuring Brad Pitt can become a powerful motivator for many modern entrepreneurs. As the name implies, the plot deals with fundamental changes in life and the changing rules of the game. In the business world, as in sports, if you only have overcome fear and apathy, you can achieve brilliant results and find an effective solution to the problem with minimal resources. 

3. The Aviator 

Director: Martin Scorsese
Year:  2004 
IMDb: 7.5 
Film Search: 6.2 

This biographical drama features an intriguing plot, a superstar cast, brilliant direction, unsurpassed cinematography, and elegant costumes.  It’s not without reason that Aviator received five Oscars and 11 nominations. Nevertheless, this film is more than mere evening entertainment. The story of a genius madman, a millionaire, and the owner of a casino and the largest film company is a movie that will be interesting to all entrepreneurs and especially useful to those who complain about their lack of motivation and a loss of a sense of purpose. 

4. Jobs 

Director: Joshua Michael Stern
Year: 2013 
IMDb: 5.9 
Film Search: 6.5 

Although film critics nominated Ashton Kutcher for a Golden Raspberry for his role of Steve Jobs, it’s definitely worth watching. Here the viewer will find valuable information about achieving the pinnacle of business success. The most important rule is that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it!” Maybe money is not all that is worth striving for… 

5. The Social Network 

Director: David Fincher
Year: 2010 
IMDb: 7.7 
Film Search: 7.7 

This film, which reveals the history of the creation of Facebook, is something of a textbook business case for the attentive viewer. “The Social Network” describes the psychology behind modern entrepreneurship and the relationship between businessmen and investors, partners, competitors, and creditors.

6. Jerry Maguire 

Director: Cameron Crowe
Year: 1996 
IMDb: 7.30 
Film Search: 7.6 

Real success is far beyond your comfort zone. To achieve it, you’ll have to get out of the usual rut, resist the provocations and attacks of detractors, overcome difficulties, and endure failures. With Tom Cruise in the title role, the feature film convinces us repeatedly that it is important to believe in yourself, recognize the target, and ignore the obstacles. 

7. The Pursuit of Happyness 

Director: Gabriele Muccino
Year: 2006 
IMDb: 8.0 
Film Search: 8.3 

This is another drama based on a true story, but of the kind, positive, and inspiring variety. The main character, Will Smith, has trouble getting his start and pulling himself out of flagrant poverty. For the sake of his young son, he does the impossible – he goes through a difficult and long journey transforming himself from poverty to being a millionaire.

8. Breaking Bad 

Director: Vince Gilligan
Year: 2008 
IMDb: 9.5 
Film Search: 8.9 

This exciting and unpredictable crime series about the transformation of an ordinary chemistry teacher into a thriving drug lord is a practical guide on how to competently build a business. It discloses all of the necessary features of all the constituent processes – from creating a product to getting it to the final consumer. 

9. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard 

Director: Neal Brennan
Year: 2009 
IMDb: 5.8 
Film Search: 6.2 

A bankrupt company selling a used car can be saved only by the work of a brilliant salesman. To pull the company out of crisis during Independence Day, they need to sell 211 cars. They will have to use everything – resourcefulness, ingenuity, cunning tricks, and subtle psychological techniques – to get the job done. 

10. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year 

Director: Shimit Amin
Year:  2009 
IMDb: 7.5 
Film Search: 7.5 

This modern Indian film does not surprise you with its enchanting special effects, but it will surely entice you with its inspirational plot. For beginning entrepreneurs and managers, it will be quite useful to watch this film to become acquainted with the original methods of working with clients and study the subtleties of relationships between buyer and seller.

11. Glengarry Glen Ross  

Director: James Foley
Year: 1992 
IMDb: 7.8 
Film Search: 7.5 

The film is fun to watch and will bring practical benefits to those who live off sales commissions. The whole film is, in fact, a collection of recommendations for increasing sales in extremely tough competition. You can successfully implement many of the methods and ideas from this movie in modern times. 

12. Suckers 

Director: Roger Nygard
Year: 1999 
IMDb: 6.6 
Film Search: 6.9 

When making a list of the top business movies, this one is absolutely impossible to miss. This exciting comedy can serve as a real tool for working with constant objections, building sales funnels, skillful manipulation, and many other effective techniques. 

13. Mad Men 

Director: Matthew Weiner
Year: 2007 
IMDb: 8.6 
Film Search: 7.8 

This drama series received high ratings from viewers and critics alike and a record four Emmy awards in a row alongside several other awards and nominations. The plot develops around the work of an advertising agency and the life of its creative director – a brilliant, charismatic, and reckless salesperson. An attentive viewer will gain invaluable lessons in this series.

14. Billionaire Boys Club 

Director: James Cox
Year: 2018 
IMDb: 5.6 
Film Search: 5.6 

Cunning, irresistibility and the gift of persuasion are all qualities that the main characters of this film have in abundance. They use their talents and organized daring to create spectacular financial scams. Pretending to be billionaires to get to the pockets of real business tycoons seems like a great idea. Money makes money, the very essence of building a financial pyramid. But how long will the colossus stand on clay feet? 

15. Lord of War

Director: Andrew Niccol
Year: 2005
IMDb: 7.6
Film Search: 

The 20-year arms dealing career of Queens, N.Y., outcast Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) serves as a window onto the end of the Cold War and the emergence of worldwide terrorism. He finds himself reassuring his more ethically challenged younger brother, Vitaly (Jared Leto), while adeptly sidestepping the pursuit of federal agent Jack Lawrence (Ethan Hawke). The globetrotting arms dealer also pursues the woman of his dreams, supermodel Ava Fontaine (Bridget Moynahan).

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